Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wrapping 2017 with many memories.

We started 2017 with a huge shock and grief. Tarun's dad had left us for the more peaceful world on Dec 31st 2016 without any warning or health complaint. The only relief that we had was Tarun, me and the kids were in Delhi and we had a chance to be with papa. Life is short.
It has been an year today and we hold him in the light. He is in our conversations and in our hearts always. We hold on tight to the many memories we made together, the pictures we have with him. When I see Vir sleeping turned sideways, he often reminds me of papa. I know he's watching over us and blessing us from above.

My mother in-law continues to be in Delhi and is gaining good health. We are beyond thankful for the support we have in Delhi and for her own will power. She recently made a short trip within India which came with some challenges but was a welcoming change to her day to day life. It brought her much happiness and joy. The sound of her voice said it all. Tarun traveled back and saw her a couple of times and we hope we can soon go as a family and spend time with her.

My mom started practicing yoga while in Portland and continues her practice in India. So grateful for her health and well being. She continues to give us her time, company and support which we love. Us getting to spend quality time with her is truly a gift.

Tarun continues to create and innovate. He started his new startup; this time aiming to transform the travel industry, a very unconventional way.

He keeps our smiles wide with his humor and Kabir has also joined the club this year!

Kabir turned 6 and started first grade. His love for building stays with him. He recently built a 900+ piece Lego Fire-station! His other love is books. He eats, drinks and sleeps them. He always wakes up with a story!

What makes my heart swell the most is when Kabir tells me, he wants to build homes for the homeless and give cars for free to the less fortunate and when he tells me how it is unfair that women get paid less than men for the same job. It amazes me how a 6 year old can think like this when SO many adults don't. He is truly passionate about equality.

Vir turned 4! He continues to impress us by his independent nature. This kid makes his own breakfast, can get himself completely ready and is super resourceful.
A very determined child who knows exactly what he wants. His determination doesn't always work in our favor but that won't change things! I love when he talks about donating the toys, clothes and books he no more uses. He always puts his family first and loves his brother dearly. This child truly cares.

Vir continues to love outdoors and is showing great interest in building things. He loves to read and be read. He is also a very creative story teller! He loves everything fast and is an adventure lover. On our recent trip to Costa Rica he really enjoyed zip lining and even went for an ATV ride.

And I while working hard to keep my family whole, started a job with Capital One over the summer. I love the people I work with. It makes all the difference!

Together as a family we enjoyed each other's company, made many memories and had great experiences:

Hawaii in Spring with Sumit and Aman

Hiking in Croatia

Portland with boys and my mom

Dominican Republic with my mom

And ended the year in lush green and beautiful Costa Rica.

If I made a holiday card this year, it would be this: <>

Here's wishing everyone love, peace, happiness and good health in 2018! May this be the year of change.

With love and hope,

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

A celebratory week!

Wow, what a week of celebrations we just passed, it seems to have gone by on fast track!

Sunday was Diwali, a festival of lights. The biggest festival of India. While it doesn't feel the same here in the US, we do dress up in Indian clothes, light diyas and do a pooja. This time it was special as my mom was with us. She made kheer and chole. Dinner was delicious!

Monday, was halloween. Both Kabir and Vir were super excited about it and had picked their costumes with much thought. While Kabir was a knight, Vir was Chase (from Paw Patrol). My mom and I attended Vir's halloween parade and party at his school and then the three of us headed to Kabir's school to attend his. It was a fun day and it wasn't still over! Back from school and a snack later, we were ready to hit the Great Falls Village for trick or treating! By this time, Kabir had decided he wanted to wear a simpler costume, a cape and a mask did the trick!
Lots of candy was collected and safely hidden the same night. Hidden and not thrown, just so I could eat it!

Tuesday, we celebrated my mom's 65th birthday! In the morning with the boys over cake and then a dinner out at Rasika for the adults! An evening that was thoroughly enjoyed!

Thursday, We celebrated Diwali in Kindergarten at Kabir's school. There are 2 Kindergarten classrooms in school with 7 Indian kids. We all wore Indian clothes and decorated the classrooms were decorated with lights and other display.

Both classes were combined together for a Diwali presentation by the parents; taking about the Indian families in Kindergarten, where in India we all come from, talking about the diversity in India, how culture, language etc. changes from state to state, talking about the festival, about the meaning of light both in terms of Diwali and Quakerism, reading a book about Diwali and ending with a Diwali video. After the presentation, the classes were divided for craft and snack in their own classrooms. Each child painted a diya which they took home and enjoyed samosa, jalebi, naan and mango juice for snack!

And the best part, everyone got  a Diwali present!

It was really special to witness how we celebrated diversity and how interested the children and the teachers were in learning about Diwali. With the smell of incense, aarti playing in the background and the beautiful display, it felt like mini India. Can't wait to do it again next year!

It was a long day for some! :-)

We ended Thursday with a Diwali party at Kabir's classmate's house!

A busy but happy week kicking off the festivities for the rest of the year!