Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photography, my newly discovered passion!

Although I have always enjoyed taking pictures and am popular with my husband for always carrying my camera when we go outdoors, photography has only recently become my passion!

I just happened to take a 10 day intensive course in photography, in June at the School of Fototechnik,Patel Nagar. It was a consecutive 10 day course, meaning having to sacrifice 2 weekends (which, initially didn't seem like a great idea and was making me lean towards not signing up for the course). After some back-and-forth on the idea, I decided to sign up, more so because, the intensive program is held only once a year, at the School of Fototechnik and the other option that remained with me was a regular 6 months program, which to me seemed a difficult and a longer commitment to make and fulfill. Thinking in those terms, sacrificing weekends eventually, didn't seem that bad!

At that time, I possessed, "Sony cybershot", a point and shoot camera, which, is what I took to my class the first day. Anyhow, the photography schools and professional photographers don't have a high opinion about digital point and shoot cameras with respect to their ability to take good pictures, so I borrowed a DSLR (the recommended camera) from a close friend, for my shoots during the course.

The course was a good introduction to technicalities like depth of field, exposure, aperture, shutter speed etc. along with a nice introduction to handling a DSLR. I enjoyed all my classes especially the ones in which we were shooting! :)

So, now my latest possession is a "Nikon D80" with an 18-200 lens and I took it for it's first shoot today, to Humayun's Tomb!

Though I was born and brought up in Delhi, I had never visited Humayun's tomb before, which I must say is a beautiful site for photography. I guess with my newly found passion, I will be discovering the city all over again!


Chetan said...

Hey Ruchi
I got thru ur blog when i was googling for school of fototechnik. i also recently got into photography as hobby. bought a canon DSLR but nw need to join some course. can u pls tell me abt tht 10 day course u had and the institute. i have heard abt it. so want to knw more abt it... hope u can help.. thx...

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Hi Chetan

My apologies for the delayed response. The school of fototechnik runs a 10 days intensive proficiency program in the summers which covers a major chunk of theory around photography and one outdoor shoot followed by a session or two on digital post processing techniques. The founder and faculty, Mr. Tirtha Dasgupta is quite good and has a great collection of cameras, lenses etc. from olden days to help show how photography has developed over time.

Apparently, the School of Fototechnik has now started to cover the proficiency course over the weekends too apart from the regular 6 month program and the 10 day intensive course, so you might want to get in touch with the school to find out more about the content and schedule. The contact # of Mr. Dasgupta is 9810356130

Good luck and enjoy ur new camera!

Chetan said...

Hey Ruchi...
Thanks for the input. u said the course is during summers... will i have to wait that long... chalo i'll call up the Mr. Dasgupta. will find out.

Thanks a lot... tc.