Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review:Belga 4.3/5

We started off the new year with a brunch with Family and Friends at Belga, last Sunday. It is a belgian cafe with  a very warm atmosphere.
Being a Belgian restaurant it specializes in belgian waffles. However, whatever was ordered on our table was really really good. We all decided to order and then share, so we had quite a few things on the table and it was hard to move them around, but this is what we ordered. Poached eggs with Salmon and Asparagus, Green Eggs, Crepes, Waffles with fruits and whipped cream and Banana Waffles with ice cream. Everyone shared the dishes and they were all very good. I especially liked the poached eggs with Salmon and Asparagus and the banana waffles. The banana waffles had a nice presentation and tasted great! 
We also shared a pumpkin soup which was ordered for Samadh, (our friends son), which he didn't drink. I didn't think I would like it but it was actually nice. Later, we ordered the belgian fries, another speciality of the restaurant.... yummy, and i liked how the fries are served, rolled in a paper (which looks like a newspaper) and stacked in  a metal wire stand.

The serving size is small, so a person per dish ratio is good.

I would recommend taking reservations before hand, as it gets pretty crowded, especially on the weekend.

Food: 5

Service: 5
Super Quick

Pricing: 3.5 (Moderate)

Atmosphere: 3.5
Cozy but can get crowded with no room to walk.

514 8th Street SE
(between S E, St and S G St)
Washington, DC 20003
202 544 0100

Monday through Thursday from 11:30 AM until 3:00 PM
Friday from 11:30 AM until 5:30 PM
Saturday from 10:00 AM until 5:30 PM
Sunday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM
Monday through Thursday from 5:30 OM until 10:00 PM
Friday and Saturday from 5:30 Pm until 11:00 PM
Sunday from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM


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Anonymous said...

Wow! looks like a nice place! :) ...will try it sometime :)