Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recent trip to St. Michaels, MD

Now that we have found the house, our weekends are considerably free. Last weekend, was going to be a weekend where we would have lazed, may be gone out for a hike or made a trip to Georgetown but we ended up in St. Michaels...who knew!!

Saturday started early for Tarun, as he had a breakfast meeting and for me because I was woken up by all the noise from Tarun getting ready to leave for his meeting. After Tarun left, I made a few calls to friends and family in India and I was still on phone when he returned around 10:00 A.M.

As we were talking, Tarun asked me to shower and pack my bag for the night, he said he won't tell me where we were's going to be a surprise! I sure was very EXCITED but at the same time anxious to know what was on his mind?!?!

In any case, he did reveal after some time. While I got ready, Tarun called some B&B's to see if they had a room available. Since this was all happening at the last minute, we didn't get any bookings, so we decided to take a chance.

We left around 1:00 PM, caught traffic on our way but still managed to reach Dr. Dodson House; the B&B on our list, at 3:00 P.M. The B&B, is run by Janet and she did have a room available, which we were shown and we decided to take it.

After checking in, we decided to explore the area. Our first stop was going to be the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. On our way to the museum, we saw an old boat being restored!

After spending some time at the museum, we went to see the lighthouse, which was right next to it.

The views from the lighthouse were amazing.

We later decided to check out the town and grab a bite. After strolling the streets and passing the souvenir shops and summer fairs, we made our way to the Key lime cafe, a recommendation from Janet, our host.

While we waited for the food to be served, Tarun posed for me. :-)

We shared sausages and seafood Risotto for dinner and later ordered Key lime pie for dessert. I'll have to say that dessert was the best, we liked the Key Lime Pie so much that we ordered another one!! :-)

After dinner, we took a long walk by the water. We passed The Inn at Perry Cabin; (where the movie Wedding Crashers was filmed) and caught sight of a wedding.

I later caught a shot of the granddad walking his grandson, towards the shore. :-)

After a long day of walking, we came back to our B&B that night, very tired and had a good night's sleep!

Next day, the plan was to go sailing, the tour which we had booked already. We woke up and got ready. Janet, served us a delicious breakfast (she had taken our orders when we checked-in).

We left soon after for our Sailing tour, saying our thank you and good bye!

We sailed Sail Selina, which is the largest of the surviving vintage catboats. It was our first time on a sail boat and that too a vintage one! The setting was very intimate with only 2 other guests on the boat along with Captain Iris and her assistant Jared.

As we reached near the bay and it was time to raise the Sail, Tarun volunteered to help Jared. Tarun's first time raising the sail!

Jared gave Tarun instructions.

Tarun started soon after

And our sail was up!! :-)

We all shared stories and sailed together for 2 hours, enjoying the beautiful views and the lovely weather!

What a weekend, thank you, Tarun! This was our first trip that was planned on the fly and it was great!! Look forward to more such trips in the future! :-)

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