Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family outing to the Falls!

While the family was over for Kabir's birthday weekend, we made a short trip to the Great Falls Park one evening. It was a perfect day to be out with the weather in the 70s.

The park was full with people having picnics, doing barbecues and playing all sorts of games.

We walked to the overlook 2 of the fall and caught some nice views!

Then it was time for some family shots! I started with Ammi and Uncle! :) 

then joined mom...

then Aman

and then the boys!

It was nice of Aman to take my picture with the group too! :)

We met  a very nice lady who offered to take shots of all of us together! I couldn't have been more excited! :)

It was the kind of weekend I like...the one that's with my family! Love 'em all!

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