Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy 18 months!

K, today you've completed 18 months and you're sharing this big day with Daddy!

Together, we surprised Daddy this morning and celebrated his special day. I think it's really cool that you share your half birthday with him! :)

The day got even bigger as you filled Daddy's shoes today. Literally! :) We thoroughly enjoyed seeing you wear Daddy's shoes and then walk in them! :)

Looking at the past few months now...they have been super active and so much fun. You are getting smarter, trying out new things, speaking more words, even short sentences, jumping, doing more puzzles, trying out cart wheels (Yes, cart wheels and even summersaults!)

Together, we are in a whole another world now. Keeping up with you is getting challenging. You need to be watched all the time and have been giving me a good workout but you are a whole lot of fun!

You have been understanding and following instructions and directions. Now when asked,  you can trash things in the trash can and can also put your toys back where they belong! I think these are great new skills that you have learned!

School's going well. It is 90 minutes of weekly fun time with other kids in a class room environment. You recently attended your school's fall festival. A First! :)

Playing with the bubbles was the most fun for you and you enjoyed the moon bounce too; whatever time you were on it.

You went as yourself and came back as cute cat! :)

Who was ferocious at times and even found it's catch; a little mouse! :)

The kitty cat enjoyed the snacks and explored the grounds at the festival!

Your Saturdays are once again full of music and instruments with the Music Together's fall semester!

Back in September, Rohit Mamu visited us for a few days and it didn't take you any time to become pals again!

Courtesy Mamu, you visited the Google NY office and lounged in style in one of its lobbies! This was the highlight of the trip!

You now know all the fruit names from Monday through Friday from the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". You say the names of the fruits the caterpillar ate as I read you the story! :) You also have been saying parts of rhymes, words from other stories and some counting!

Puzzles continue to interest you and so do the books, be it the story books or catalogs of kids apparel!

It was such a surprise to see you attentively browse through a catalog the other day while your breakfast was getting ready. :)

Stories are part of our every day routine and you love listening to them. Runaway Bunny is a recent addition of your collection and you have been enjoying it! You ask for it to be read to you by saying "Bunny"!  :)

You love watching deer when they are in our yard; especially the "papa deer"; you say it the cutest!

Your favorite toy is Elmo and believe it or not, your first sentence was "Give me Elmo"! Sometimes you say it even at night when you wake up, so I put it next to you. You love Elmo and always give it a kiss!

Cars and trucks are another favorite!

Tita and you are the best of friends. She gets the best kisses from you. Whenever we say "I love" you finish the sentence by saying "Tita"!  She loves hearing it! :) You miss her over the weekends and enjoy your time with her when she is around during the week!

Happy Birthday, love! You are so much fun and we are thoroughly enjoying seeing you grow!

We adore you and are very proud of you! Keep up all good things and even the naughty ones. We love them all! :)


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