Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy 7 months!

Vir, you are 7 months already!! I'm late in publishing this post as we were out traveling and this time without our computers.

You celebrated your 7 month birthday in San Francisco! Sumit Mamu and Aman Mami joined for a few days too, and you met them for the first time.

For the rest of us, it was a re-union to remember, like any other that we have had before. Kabir has been missing Mamu and wants him back! :)

You had a bit of a stranger anxiety initially but next day, you were friends!

And here's a group selfie! :)

We did our best to keep up with your schedule while traveling. We didn't have a big agenda, so our days were not over busy while we still did things that Kabir enjoyed, like we went to the zoo, exploratorium, aquarium, the coit tower, etc. Below is us at the exploratorium! :)

While Sumit Mamu and Aman Mami were there, grown ups indulged in a day trip to the Napa Valley!

It was interesting living in the city. There was so much to do at walking distance. The tough part was carrying the stollers up and down the steps and walking up the inclines. We stayed at two houses and both were on hill tops, so we got good exercise! :)

There were times when you were in the stroller and other times, I would just put you in the carrier and you were happy! You napped well and it was easier to get around.

You have been pushing a lot and trying to crawl, i think it is coming soon!! :)

You are the sweetest baby i know, always happy and smiling!

There's something about Kabir that makes you smile every time he's around! Anything he does, makes you laugh. I Love it! It's super cute! :)

You graduated from your Bumbo chair and have now been sitting in the high chair for meals

and some playtime!

For the trip, we carried the portable high chair and it worked great for you. That's you and K waiting for breakfast! :)

Soon Daddy joined too!! :)

Some breakfast conversation with Dad.

You can hold your sippy cup and take it to your mouth to drink water!

 And have been sitting with just the back support for a longer time!

Earlier in the month, it was father's day and Daddy and Dadu celebrated together with you boys!

While all the grandparents were here, we had Shauna from photography Du Jour, come and take some family photos. These were taken when you were 5 months but I received them recently. 

Each month brings out something new, something more exciting but I miss the months that have gone past. I miss the first days and the first months. I wish I could pause the time and keep you as a baby for a little bit longer! :)

I love you sweetie, we all do!



Sumit said...

Good times! Love these two monkeys!!

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Good times indeed! :) They both love you back! :)