Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 2: Luzern

Today on our agenda was Luzern. We left after breakfast via train which was about a 45 minute ride.

Upon reaching there, we booked ourselves a tour to Mt. Pilatus. The tour started with a boat ride. There was a play area for the kids on the boat

So it was nice to relax while the kids kept themselves busy

However the views from the boat's decks were too good to pass. Totally breathtaking sites whichever way one looked, despite the grey skies.

We even took some selfies! :)

The boat took us to Luzern Alpnachstad from where we rode the cogwheel train to Mt. Pilatus. The ride was super steep.

We hiked up the mountain. The sun was out and the panaromic views from the top were to die for.

After spending a few hours in Pilatus, we made our way back to Zurich. This time riding the Gandola, the bus and the train. Kabir was super excited for his rides today! All firsts! :)

While walking from the train station, the city looked stunning at night. The bridge we walked on, showcased love locks...thousands of them! Now K and I want to put one too! :)

There is no doubt that today's visit to Luzern was beyond spectacular but I find myself to be the happiest when I am in the city where I can soak in the culture, the architecture and just walk to places. We were so excited to get the beautiful city views, this time in the night light.

Our dinner tonight: Holy Cow! We found it on Yelp and it was spectacular!

 Everyone had a satisfying dinner of burgers and fries and Kabir was ready to get to "work" aka build Legos. He had bought a new set yesterday. He said this was the best part of his day!     

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