Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween, this year was way more exciting than it has ever been for us! In the past, it was about costumes and trick-er-treating. This year, we had decorations, a costume party at home, a visit to the haunted house and trick-er-treating! All on Kabir's request and all so much fun!

While the boys had fun picking out their costumes, dressing up and participating in parades, I enjoyed preparing spooky snacks for the get-together, which attracted a lot of our neighbors!

The boys also enjoyed the celebration and class parties at their pre-school. Kabir even participated in the pumpkin race! :)

I decorated the table with some edible spiders, ghosts, bats and a couple of varieties of food that looked like pumpkins. Too bad I couldn't capture all the food in close up shots except a few items. There were also regular looking finger food for the adults.

I had so much fun preparing the spooky snacks, so much so that, I am tempted to make this event an annual affair! :)

It was a fun Friday and Saturday for us with Sunday being a much welcomed recovery day! :) Hope everyone had a fun and spooky halloween!

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