Friday, December 11, 2015

Look who's 2!

Where did my baby go?

These two years have gone by way too fast.

Last year when you turned 1, you weren't walking and we were anxiously waiting for you to start walking and once you did (around 13 months), from then to now, things have moved super fast.

You are now jumping, standing on one foot, hopping, skipping, dancing, laughing, building legos and magnet tiles, counting till 12 (skipping 1!),  signing abcs, singing rhymes, reading books. Oh gosh, the list goes on and on!

You are such a big boy, so mature for your age, so independent that Kabir feels like the baby in our house and you his big brother! :)

You started going to Village Green Day School this year. You go twice a week for the mommy and me program. You enjoy your time and routine in the class.



You are such a mischievous little boy, with smile and cuteness that lets you get away with so much, REALLY, SO MUCH!

You love playing in the water and enjoy bath time a lot but your weekly swimming class is not something you enjoy much. We might take a break and try again in the spring/summer next year.



You are talking a lot, not just simple words but sentences which are 4 to 5 words long. It is super impressive. At your 2 year check up today, you're doctor was amazed to listen to you converse with me.

You vitals today came out to be 35.5" height and weighing 27 pounds.

Kabir and you are getting very close in shoe and clothes sizes. You have been wearing his shoes since a few months now and even some of the t-shirts which are of-course a little big but not much. Size 3 clothes are actually not looking big at-all on you and you're wearing them regularly.

You have been doing some art and craft and love to scribble and color with crayons.

Kabir wrote your birthday card yesterday. He loves you dearly and so do you. You both wait for each other during meal times and bath time and have the absolute fun playing with each other. Seeing you play together is such a lovely sight!

Your birthday morning, started with us all coming to your room together and singing Happy Birthday! :) We gave you your birthday cards that you really enjoyed looking at.





Then Lupe got you ready and  as you came downstairs, you noticed there were presents! Of-course you rushed to them and both you and Kabir opened them together!





It was rather hard to re-direct you to the kitchen for breakfast!

You and I left for school around 9 am, where you played and celebrated your birthday with your friends!

Here's you eating your birthday cake pop! A favorite of you and Kabir!

It was such a beautiful day today with the weather in the 60s, just perfect to be in the playground! You were having so much fun that you didn't want to leave. :)

You and I spent the afternoon at your pediatrician's office getting your 2 year check up done. There were no shots needed this time, so it was a very pleasant visit. :)

When we got home, we saw another gift at the door, something I had ordered earlier but had lost home it would come on time, so it was a nice surprise. Once it is assembled you'll have a garage, a carwash and a repair shop for your car...and a gas station too! More fun imaginative play time to come!!

While you spent the afternoon resting, I went to pick your birthday cake and then Kabir and I together built your toy house, which daddy and I loved when we saw it and thought you would too!

Kabir and you had some fun time doing some pretend play once it was ready. It was cute to observe! The bath ducky sat on the potty seat and lego people slept in the bed and went upstairs to watch TV; Kabir said one of the lego people was you and the other was him! :)

For dinner you both requested spaghetti and meatballs, so while I was cooking, you both were having too much fun. I noticed we got another big delivery...

I wondered what was in it?!? Till I saw two cute things come out! :)

 Oh goodness, what fun you both were having! Reading, kissing, jumping, playing

 (found India!)

and before we knew it, it was time to eat!

You cut your birthday cake

 enjoyed a nice warm bath, listened to many stories, tons of rhymes and went to bed loved.

Vir, you are adorable! Keep your charm alive and grown up to be a wise, curious, compassionate and loving boy. I know you will!

Happy Birthday, my darling! You are much loved!

Tight squeeze and a big kiss! I love you!

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