Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 11 months!

K, you've completed 11 months today! :)

Often,  I browse through old pictures of you, from when you were born and the early months of growing up and find it hard to believe how little you were and how fast you have grown and changed.

Earlier you would lie in your moses basket for hours together and now you can't stay still even for a second unless you are sleeping! You are super active...sitting, crawling, turning sides, raising feet doing all sorts of things and that too ALL the time!

You have been crawling so much and so fast that you have started to rip your clothes from the knees! When I saw it for the first time, I was taken by surprise and after that it became an every day thing. :)

So, we went shopping for your clothes and even got you shoes!!

This month you started to move, pull and lift things. Like you can now lift your music table.

 You can also do that with just one hand! Impressive!! :)

You can also move the bar stools in the kitchen by shaking them well!

You can pull your diaper bag and bring it down to the floor. You start by taking some things out of it first.

Then the bag comes down and...

what happens next is simply hilarious! :)

Even funnier is when you roll with the bag! :)

Oh Gosh! K, you give me the best laughs and smiles!

You love to crawl under the island in the kitchen, that too making your way through the stools!

You can make way your way through the tiniest of spaces. It's like you are a little mouse in our house! :)

You got introduced to some new foods this month. You've been eating cut strawberries

or having them blended in the yogurt!

You've also tried banana bread, coconut pineapple cake and a variety of soups!

You took a trip to Allentown to meet the Anand family. Fun began at home when I started packing for the trip!

Packing and unpacking happened in parallel! I packed and you unpacked! :)

When we reached Allentown, you had a great time playing with everyone and exploring Ammi's house.

Like every time, you were again showered with gifts. You had a ball playing with the gift box and the tissue papers!

You have been enjoying the car tunes book Ammi gifted you!

You have a little white pearl coming out of your lower jaw! :) The one next to it is also just starting to come out!

You are starting to say more words! You can now say "Go", "Good", "Red" and today you said "Cat"!!

This month, you had your first hair cut. I took you to Cartoon Cuts. I was a bit nervous as I didn't know how you'd react but you were really good the whole time!

You enjoyed the cartoon playing on the TV

 played with the toys

and even with your stylist's pin!

You were calm the whole time. You make me so proud!

You looked so cute after it was all done!! :)

Since earlier this month, you and I have had a ritual of playing the crawling game everyday. You crawl fast and I crawl or run with you.

Often It converts into hide and seek and you can now guess my moves and find me! :) It's a lot of fun!! :)

When you are crawling by yourself, you usually crawl with one of the stars from your stacker

and leave it anywhere on the way; usually somewhere it can't be easily found...like under the cooking range! :)

You come crawling really fast when you hear the pantry door, refrigerator or any kitchen cabinet open.

You have successfully managed your way in the refrigerator...

...and have had a good time! :)

Lately, you've been piggyback riding!

You love it so much that you laugh when I take you around! It's fun!! :)

You spent some time in my home office one day. While I was busy doing some work, you found stuff to keep yourself busy!

You are getting good at balancing!

You can now stand better without support. It's still for a very short time.

Looks like you are pretty much ready to climb! Look at you, using your diaper bag as the step stool to get on the platform!

You are good at figuring things out! See how you take out alphabets from the play mat!

So impressive! :)

You are getting naughtier by the minute and more and more active! You are starting to stay up more during the day, so your routine for dinner and bedtime is changing. You are now going to bed early and are sleeping better.

March is going to be a very busy month for me. Someone's going to be turning BIG 1 next month and I have his birthday bash to plan!! :) How exciting!! :) Still can't believe you're going to be 1 so soon!

Darling, you are absolutely precious. Getting love from you is the best thing ever!

And I love giving it back!

Happy Birthday, love! You're simply awesome! Looking forward to what Month 12 will bring! :)


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Sanjhineet said...

Ruchi, you and your son ....both are adorable :)
I feel so happy to see you enjoying ur motherhood in your own fantastic way.

muhhaaaaaa to both of you :)