Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy 10 months!

K, you have completed your first double digit month today!! So awesome yet so unbelievable! Watching you grow is such a treat! Each new thing you do or learn makes us just so excited.

Like this one night, when I was feeding you dinner and you didn't want to eat, I said to you, "Alright K, I'm going to go, "bye bye" " and you repeated "bye bye" back! Dad and I looked at each other with our eyes wide open...totally stunned! You took us by surprise and we couldn't stop gushing!

To believe our ears, I said it again and so did you! :)

You are becoming more and more active. Always up and about and so full of energy. You have been fighting sleep and wanting to play more.

You love going under your music table from one end and coming out from the other.

You can now raise your feet and push your body forward or upward to grab an object which is a bit out of your reach! I was so impressed to see you do it!

You love to stand and are very careful with sitting! 

You are now starting to stand on your own; without any support, for a few seconds!

You can sit in your swing by yourself!

You have been giving a lot of high-fives! They start early morning when we first meet and continue throughout the day! Love 'em! :)

This month saw an improvement in eating and sleeping habits! So glad about this change! There were 3 nights where you slept through and most of the others you only woke up once!

You visited our friends and were part of the gatherings at home!

We had Aman Mami visit us over a weekend. With her came your first toy car!

You got some play time with Mami.

It was a fun weekend. At the end of it we were all smiles!

We recently took you to the play area in the mall where you explored the space and also rode the train for the first time!

You were excited to be in the moving train, standing up and looking outside.

You also spent some time at Barnes and Nobles, where you mostly were on the mission to empty the book racks and spread the books on the floor!

This is a usual at home! The day starts with bringing all the toys down and it is repeated a few times during the course of the day.

In your room, toys take a back seat and you love playing with your books!

You have always been interested in our laptops, so now you have your own!

 You've been snacking on your own in the evenings.

 This month you started eating cookies!

Earlier this month we celebrated your first lohri!

You enjoy seeing your reflection in the mirror!

You are one social child who loves giving smiles to everyone! You make friends where ever you go!

Have an awesome 11th month Sweets! Love you to the extreme!

Happy Birthday!


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