Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 9 months!!

K, you've completed 9 months today! This was such a fun month! You are learning new things fast and are just so much fun to be with!

Last month you were only backwards crawling but earlier this month you started crawling forward.

and in just a few days you were crawling really fast and are now everywhere.

To keep you secure, we installed safety gates.

You love playing with a basket we have. Sometimes you are in it...

...and sometimes under!

You can now raise yourself to reach out to objects and pull them.

We got you a high chair. So, you are now more comfortable during meal times.

You started drinking water from a sippy cup!

Sometimes, I put you in the highchair, when I am working in the kitchen. This month, I did some baking and Dad gave you a little taste of it; a triple chocolate fudge cookie.

Feeding you continues to be a challenge. Generally your face and bib have more food on them than what you eat! I really hope that changes!

However, you sometimes do surprise me. On very rare occasions, you've licked the food bowl!

You sure love chocolate! I gave you a little taste one day and you licked my finger completely and gave me the best smile! :) So, of-course, I gave you more!! :)

You are our little musician. Sometimes, you can have the music go on forever. You know the magic key, once pressed the music just doesn't stop!

You still love to put everything in your mouth, sometimes even my nose...

...and my cheek!

Arjun and Aanya came to visit you and brought you presents! You enjoyed their company! :)

You celebrated your first Christmas!

 We set up a tree and put up a stocking for you.

You reached out for the tree, the lights and the ornaments.

Santa brought you so many presents traveling long ways; covering not just VA but also Portland and Canada! You are a lucky boy! :)

We had a trip planned during the holidays so we opened presents before we left. You picked what to open!

...and there were more in the stocking!

Us together after opening all the presents!

During the holidays, we traveled to Sedona and Scottsdale in Arizona. We landed in Phoenix and drove straight to Sedona to spend a few days there. When we reached our hotel, it was past mid-night and you boys sure were tired!

Next day onwards, we started touring the town and found it beautiful. The red rocks create such a magnificent landscape!

 Together, we visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

On our way back,we rested a bit and enjoyed the scenery!

You and Dad having a fun time!

We also hiked in the Crescent Moon Ranch state park.

 where you and Dad had some quiet time, sitting on the vortex.

Dad said you clicked a picture while he held the camera! I couldn't have been happier!

We got someone to take our picture!

We drove around the city and stopped on the way to enjoy the views and take pictures!

In the mornings, we basked in the southwestern sun!

Our hotel had beautiful views and a creek flowing. We walked around the property to admire the beauty!

You standing on Dad's toes!

We visited some art galleries in Sedona. You outside one of the art galleries, ringing the bell.

Play time continued while we were traveling! We read and played with the finger puppet!

 You sure were amused!  You love the finger puppet! You raise your nose when you smile, it's both funny and cute! :)

There was a lot of love and cuddling!

 You also found yourself a fun rocker!

Although, we were out a lot, we made sure that you got good rest. You took a few good naps during the day!

Sometimes Dad gave you company even when he was on duty!;)

Now, when you wake up from naps, you rise up and look for us!

You love looking into the mirror and seeing yourself on the other side.

You are now crawling to tall objects and using them to stand!

On the trip you started to say "Mum Mum" and also "Mama". Simply love the sound of it!! :) You probably don't know what it means, but I still love it when you say "Mama"! :)

After spending a few days in Sedona, we drove up to Scottsdale, which had more of a cityscape.

The Anand family was vacationing there too so we met everyone and together toured Frank Llyod Wright's Taliesin West!

It was an hour and a half long tour and you did pretty well.You attentively listened to the tour lady talk! :)

After the tour, you soaked some sun with everyone and had a few laughs as Ammi tickled you! :)

We walked the streets of Scottsdale checking out the art galleries. Sometimes you were in the B'jorn and sometimes in the stroller. When it was nap time, you napped irrespective! :)

One day we drove up to Phoenix to check out the Heard Museum.

During our trip we discovered that you love playing with paper and tearing it up. So, we started carrying brochures with us to keep you entertained! :)

We together went out for food.

Sometimes I gave you some stuff to try like roasted bell pepper, potatoes, some fruit but mostly you relished the water. You love it!

Arizona being a dessert has a lot of Cacti. This is because these plants adapt the most to the dry and hot climate. We saw several varieties in Scottsdale.

While the day time temperature in Scottsdale was warm, the evenings and nights were quite cold. We sometimes sat by the fire to get some warmth.

The trip was all in all awesome! We are now back home where it is cold!

Fun continues irrespective! You spend time playing with not only your toys but also with wires and remotes!

Dad brings in some excitement too!

You have now been waving...

...and are also starting to show your wild side! :)

Today, you had your 9 month check-up. While you are doing good on the height, your weight is on the lower side. I hope you start eating more.

Sweetie, this month you entered a whole new year! It is now 2012!! Last year was amazing and I hope this year is nothing less. Wish you the best of everything in this new year!

You are our precious little bundle of joy who is growing up fast! We love you very much!

Happy Birthday!


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