Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy 8 months!!

K, it's been 8 months today! This was such a fun month, lots of exciting milestones and firsts!

You are in your first winter and you're handling it very well so far!

You started saying your first words!! Your first word was "Ba" and you've also said "Ka"and a few others! You'll soon be talking! How exciting! :)

You continue to push upwards and have been rolling a lot. You crawl backwards, it's cute!

You are now everywhere! You can  travel a room from one corner to the other by rolling and backwards crawling and can even go under the crib, changing table and have been found playing in your closet!

 When you get tired, you just put your head down wherever you are! Look at you, resting on the lamb's foot! So cute! :)

You have also been pushing to stand!

You are now much better at standing.

On top of that, you took your first few steps!!! I was so excited! :)

Earlier this month, you visited Allentown to meet the Anand family and met Supriya Massi for the first time! You cracked everyone up with your constant head shift; wanting to see everything by moving your head around really fast.

 You were so happy to see everyone and they showered you with love!

Playing with Ammi was so much fun!

You even modeled for Ammi in your Indian attire!

You make friends everywhere you go...restaurants, stores, beer tasting! Yes, we took you beer tasting,  you were so quiet there (like you usually are), that some people asked us if we gave you beer! I thought that was funny! :)

Flora was the first one to get some K-love!! Since then Ammi, Dad and I have received it too.

It was your first Thanksgiving this month. We celebrated with friends.

You recently also attended Seher's 1st birthday party! There's the two of you playing!

We got you your own chair to help you learn to sit straight.

I sometimes make you sit in the chair to feed you. Talking about feeding...that's such a struggle, you are not an easy eater.

You didn't seem to like anything till you recently tried Sweet Potato and Pear! I am glad to have found something to your liking!

Sometimes you have fun while eating too! :)

Poret's been helping me take care of you during the day. Initially, you took time to adjust to her but now you two are friends!

I love how you stretch your arms and want me to hold you, when I come to you after finishing work.You do the same when Dad comes back from work. We both love it! :)

You recently helped Dad put finishing touches to his first cooking attempt!

You now have a new friend, Mr. Cuddles, the puppy. You love to eat it's ear!

You spend time playing independently; doing all sorts of things.

You spend time with books.

 You're quite a reader already! ;)

You love to play with your pacifier string. We don't give you the pacifier, but you love the string!

You love playing peek-a-boo. You and I play it all the time! :)

Sweetie, all in all you are simply AWESOME and so cute!! We love you a whole lot!

Happy Birthday!


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