Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy 7 months!

Kabir, you are 7 months old today! It seems like you were born just yesterday. Time's flying!

 You spent most of this month in India having a good time with family and friends.


You reached there when you were less than 5 months and came back just a few days short of 7 months but the time in India passed in a blink of an eye.

This month you lost all your hair!

Yes, you got a head shave (mundan)! It is usually done by a barber at home with a shaving knife but we took you to a salon and had it done with a shaver. I didn't want to take the risk of you getting hurt and I was hoping you won't cry if it was done with the shaver but you did cried some . Mostly you were okay.

With grandparents at home, afterwards.

 Sameer our very good friend who is also a good photographer was visiting from Ahmedabad for Diwali. He came to visit us and took some pictures of you! Something I always wanted. :)

You also attended a puja which Dadaji had for you at his house.

 Nani Ma bought you a Dhoti Kurta to wear that day. You looked so cute! :)

A lot of family and friends visited.


Aman Mami was there too!

You celebrated your first diwali in India too. We celebrated both at our home and at Dadaji's house!

Before leaving from India, you celebrated Nani Ma's 60th birthday with her!

As a gift you gave her a poem.

She was all smiles and enjoyed reading it over and over again!

 We also received pictures from Sumit Mamu's wedding out of which the shots that I cherish the most are the ones of you with your great grandparents and Sumit Mamu!

 You can now sit without support

 and stand with support!!!

We continued story time. You received a great set of books from the Garg family! Here's me reading to you "The Giving Tree".

You had a nice last day in India being with grandparents. Kanti didi was there too!

Now we are back home in VA and it feels really lonely here after being with family for good two months.

It's already quite cold here, so yesterday we took you out for some winter shopping and got you some warm clothes.

 I also took you for your 6 month check-up which was running a bit behind because of being in India. Your pediatrician was pleased with your progress. Getting shots wasn't fun but you were okay soon after. You are a brave boy!

Your food is also expanding now. Apart from milk, you have now been drinking boiled lentil water and have started on solids. The first thing you ate was pureed peas!

Happy growing up Sweety! Wish you cozy winters. Stay warm!

Happy Birthday! We love you a lot!!


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