Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 6 Months!

Kabir, today on your Dad's birthday, you turned 6 months! How cool and what a milestone! :) You are half way there to your first birthday!! :)

Everyone says you both look alike, sometimes you two even act alike!

You spent this whole month in India prepping for and celebrating Sumit Mamu's wedding!

You went on shopping trips!

Went to your great grandparents house to invite them at the wedding.

There my Anjali Bua tried to teach you to walk! :)

Attended Sumit's Mamu's pooja ceremony which kicked off the wedding celebrations.

Here you met some extended family.

A few days later you suited up for the Sagaan ceremony! A special thanks to Sanjay Shrivastava for taking some of your shots and sharing with me at a very short notice so I could add them to this post.

 With Dad and the Groom-to-be!

Met more extended family!

Us together!

 Dadaji all happy to be with you!

 Dadi Ma too!

Pre-wedding, I did a trial run of the head gear on you.

At the wedding you were Sumit Mamu's sarbala! You sported an ethnic outfit.

 Check out the matching shoes which were custom made for you along with the rest of the attire!

I tried draping the head gear on you that day but you didn't want it.

Sumit Mamu is now married! The newly weds visited us post wedding!

In between wedding celebrations you hung out with family and friends at home.

                                                    The matching duo!

                                                     Sharing hugs!

                             Max uncle was a whole lot of fun to be with!

 I celebrated my first birthday as a Mom with you! You sported a "Party at my crib" onesie that day. :)

Together at dinner that night!

A first this month was getting introduced to two new gadgets!

First to the laptop

and then to the iPad!

You were a natural, playing with both! :)

You also started to pull hair and Dadaji didn't mind at all! :)

Dad continued to experiment and have a good time with you.

Kanti didi has been a great help here; looking after you whenever I've been busy with other things.

Dad's back in the States for work and Sumit Mamu leaves today, so the family met this afternoon to celebrate Sumit Mamu's birthday that is coming up in 2 days along with your 6 month birthday!

Today, you also met your great grandfather Mr. Sushil Sabharwal who retired from the Indian Army as the Brigadier and was awarded the Vir Chakra! What a great honor!

Cheers to the wonderful 6 months that have passed and here's wishing for many many more such months to come!

I love you sweetheart! You are my best bud!

Here's wishing you and daddy a very happy birthday today! :)



Rajat Kapoor said...

Ruchi, really an awesome blog!! no words to describe the feelings and emotions that I went through while checking out the whole blog. Really very nice pics described in beautiful fashion.
Only a mother like you could do it!
Hats Off to you!!

Thanks for the Tag!
Love you all!

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Thank you, Rajat! :)

Sanjhi said...

Super duper cool...
Kabir rocks and his mom too
As I said earlier, it is pleasure to read yours stories.

Happy to see that how beautifully, you are enjoying your motherhood.


Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Thank you, Navneet! :)