Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy 5 Months!!

Kabir, you turned 5 months yesterday! :) I have enjoyed each one of these days and months with you.

Every time I think about it, it's hard to believe so much time has passed!

Last month was a very active month for you. A lot of "firsts"! :)

Month 5 started with Dadaji and Dadima still with us in the States and is ending with you in India! Isn't that cool?!? :)

While we were back in the US, you started to converse more and for longer duration. This is you right after our visit to your dermatologist, Dr. Kim.

You also started to laugh. O your laughs are contagious and so adorable!!

You have started to pull things. You can now pull the objects on your butterfly toy.

You can also pull my nose

and my glasses when I come close to you to give you a kiss.

We got some stuff delivered from Amazon, so Dad thought why not make you sit up high! He always has fun ideas! Sometimes they are a little too "fun" and I have to say "No". :)

You are sitting well with support but without support you tumble!


You are now actually starting to use your activity gym ! You are now so active in it!


During Dadima and Dadaji's stay this month, you took them to the Botanical Garden!

K, you love greens. You are always looking up at the trees when we go outside for our walks. You were checking out the trees in the botanical garden too!

You and Dadaji resting after all the walking we did!

Together we all also went to Dad's office one evening!

Before we took off for India, Elly's daughter Stephanie came to see you. She spent the day with you playing!

The flight to India was uneventful. Long for sure, but you did great! You were no trouble at all. You didn't even cry! We were so proud and fellow passengers impressed!

I hope it is the same way going back!

In India, you have been re-united with Nani Ma! Smile just comes naturally when you see her! :)

And you have finally met your fun Rohit Mamu!

Dadaji and Dadima are also very happy to have you here!

It's really hot in Delhi, so you've been staying indoors mostly. We have taken you out some when the weather was better and you have enjoyed it so far!

I hope you have a pleasant rest of the stay here!

Sweetie, I can't say enough how AWESOME you are! I love you LOTS!

Spending time with you is turning to be more and more fun! Yesterday, you turned from your tummy to your back...and not just once but three times!! :) Looking forward to more exciting times and milestones this month!

Happy Birthday, Love!


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