Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy 4 Months!!

Kabir, you turned 4 months today! I want to just hold the time tight and not let it pass, you are growing up way too fast!

So much changed this month, you started to grip things...from the cushion, to your new friend Sophie to our fingers!

You also seem to enjoy tummy time now and can last longer. You started to crawl on your tummy too, pushing your legs back and can cover quite a distance.

And most of all, you are now starting to sit with support!! :)

It is so exciting to see these changes in you.

You are a very happy boy! You give everyone your million dollar smile.

You are also more involved during the story time now. When I read to you, you do "oohs" and "aahs" as if you understand what is being said. It is so much fun reading to you Sweetie! This month we read "The very hungry caterpillar", "The poky little puppy" and also continued to enjoy "Where's the bone" touch and feel book.

You and I together named your very hungry caterpillar, "Calvin". We decided we should give him some name, as it is not nice to call someone a "very hungry caterpillar" all the time. And Sophie is Sophie, you just love her! You can hold her by the neck, you love putting her ear in your mouth and when you hear her squeak, a smile comes to your face! :)

You showed around Dadima and Dadaji! Took them to Great Falls, Clarendon and our all time favorite Reston Town Center!

You enjoyed sitting outside when the weather was nice!

Since last couple month of months, you have been suffering from dry itchy skin. I took you to the dermatologist and discovered that it was eczema. Have been applying the ointment that the dermatologist suggested and your skin is so much better. You feel better too since you are now sleeping more and seem to be more comfortable.

I love catching you smile when you are sleeping, you look so cute! :)

You now tend to take everything in your mouth, whether it is your fingers, mine, Sophie or whatever else comes in your grip and you love to make bubbles with your mouth too! :)

Dad's been having some adventure with you. See he made you sit in the book shelf.

You were happy!

So he raised you even higher!

This month Robin Mamu moved from Portland to Virginia! So you will see more of him now. :)

There's you two hanging out in your den!

...and that's him flying you up high! See how happy you are! :)

You made a trip to Allentown to see Ammi, uncle and Madhu uncle. There's you having some serious talks with uncle and Dadaji!

Being in Ammi's lap and getting all the love is such a blessing. Ammi loves you a lot and has been very concerned about your skin issue.

There's you all happy and relaxing in Ammi and uncle's lounge chair!

We applied for your Indian visa a few days back, for which we had to get your picture taken. We went to Picture People and while waiting for the prints, you and I played!

We also posed for a picture together!

You now turn your head all the way to the back when you want to look at something that's behind you!

Dadaji enjoys spending time with you!

I love lying down next to you whether to read to you or to just cuddle!

Today, was a long day. We went to the Roosevelt Memorial and then to the aquarium in Baltimore.

When we got to the aquarium, you got hungry at the very first exhibit, so you and I spent our time on the couch while others went around to see the fish. You did see the dolphins and the jelly fish at the end! I think you enjoyed that. Watching the dolphins was fun as they just kept coming! :)

FaceTime with Sumit Mamu, after getting back home was the perfect end to an otherwise long and tiring day! You are his laughing buddha...that's what he calls you! :)

Happy Birthday, my love! You are the cutest little thing and I heart you so much!


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