Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 3 Months!!

Mr. K it's been 3 months today! Can't believe you have completed a quarter of your first year! Congratulations!! :)

I've been on maternity leave all this time and started back part time from today. It was different , I didn't enjoy not interacting with you for the few hours I worked. Let's see how it goes. The good thing is I'll work from home so I'll be with you as soon as I finish work! Elizabeth will be taking care of you while I am away.

Your 3rd month started in Portland. That city was so much fun, we were always out and about. Sometimes to a cafe...

...and sometimes for lunch.

While in Portland, one weekend we went to the rose garden thinking the roses would be in full bloom but alas. Nonetheless, we basked in sun in one of its lawns! Aman was also visiting then.

One Friday, you visited Sumit Mamu's office. The weather there was a bit cold, glad I packed your outerwear. You looked so cute in your hooded jacket! :)

There was a dinosaur's skeleton in Sumit Mamu's office so we had to take your picture with it!

During the last few days in Portland, you developed an infection in your left eye. We took you to the children hospital where the doctor examined your eye and prescribed you anti-bacterial drops. The drops helped but once the course was finished, the traces of the infection came back. So, after we got back to VA, I took you to your pediatrician. While waiting for your doctor, you and I had a little conversation!

Your eye is all recovered now!

You've now been doing tummy time on the Boppy pillow. It's been working out well. You have been lying on your tummy for 10 mins at a stretch and sometimes even more. I do have to distract you with the rhymes but still I'm very happy that you are on your tummy for a longer duration.

You do get tired in between and like to take a little rest.

You continue to get a massage everyday and as part of that you do some exercise too.

You enjoy bath time. You have outgrown the tub that we got from the hospital so now you enjoy a relaxed bath in your whale tub.

After your bath I love wrapping you in your hooded towels and taking your pictures!

It was Father's day this month, so you and Dad celebrated your first! We went for a brunch to Zaytinya after which we walked by the water front and later went to Dolcezza for gelato. Here's you and Dad posing for me that day!

Nani Ma went back to India a couple of weeks back. She was all sad and in tears leaving you.

What brought a smile to her face was you waking up to say bye.

And there's a "Till we meet again, Kiss"!

She misses you a lot. Asks me about you every time I talk to her and is anxiously waiting for this post and your pictures.

Dadi Ma and Dadaji are now here, so you have been getting their love.

Dadaji loves to spend time with you. He plays with you, feeds you and talks to you. He loves you a lot!

Dad enjoys taking you out in your stroller.

...and he loves posing with you! :)

You and I have been going out for walks in the evening, with you sometimes in the stroller and sometimes in Moby. Thanks to iPhone's front facing camera, the picture below is a self click. :)

One of the few developments this month has been that you are starting to hold your milk bottle. Your grip is not strong yet but you can surely hold the bottle for a little bit!! I'm so impressed! :)

You are also smiling a lot more, becoming more and more interactive and your voice is getting stronger. You are usually quiet and say "aahs" and "oohs" softly but sometimes you give out a shout which makes me say "What was that Kabir?"

Talking with you is so much fun. Your reciprocating smiles are just the best gift ever!

I continue to read stories to you.

Elizabeth sometimes reads to you too!

Ammi, uncle, Indu aunty and Vidhu uncle were here last Sunday. They got you some really cool outfits!

You love being rocked to sleep.

Dad and I had a weekend free after Nani Ma left and before Dadi Ma and Dadaji arrived so we invited Whitikars, DiFronzos and Carolls over for dinner at our place. Dad watched you during the day, while I cooked and Flora came later in the evening to babysit you. You were a good baby, behaved very well the whole time. You were with Flora for the first time and you did great! This was the first dinner we hosted since you were born.

I realized I haven't shown you your room, so I took some pictures to share with you what your room looks like.

And your door says:

This is something Sumit Mamu wanted for your room. :)

We have discovered a park which has water fountains in which kids play.

We went there with Nani Ma

and with Dadi Ma and Dadaji too.

You are growing up so fast, before we know it, you will be playing there too! :)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, you are growing cuter by the minute.

I love you so much!


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