Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy 2 Months!!

Hey big boy, I can't believe it's been two months since you were born! Ammi called earlier this morning to wish you a happy 2 month birthday! :)

The month started with our first Mother's day! I was so happy! Nani Ma is still here, so we celebrated together and went out for a brunch at Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner. It was fun!

It was a month of travel for you. You took a drive to Allentown to see the Anand family! It was you, Nani Ma and myself. Dad was in India then.

I was nervous about the drive as it was about 4 hours long, but you were a good baby, didn't give any trouble at all. Nani Ma sat with you at the back and gave you the milk bottle when you needed it.

In Allentown, apart from meeting Ammi and Uncle, you met Madhu uncle as well! Madhu uncle gave you some funny names like "Mr. Sleep-a-lot"! :) He's a lot of fun!!

During this trip, Ammi gave you your first massage and since then you have been getting them regularly.

After we got back from Allentown, I managed to get a professional photographer home to do your photo shoot!

We also got your hand and foot print taken in clay. A keepsake I will always cherish. It is still in making. Hope to receive it in a few weeks!

Next up was our trip to Portland to see Sumit and Robin Mamu. You, Nani Ma and I traveled together. I was nervous again, as it was going to be your first flight, but you did me proud. You were the quietest baby on the plane!! One passenger said the same thing as well! You slept through most of the flight, waking up in between to be fed.

Traveling with you will be fun as you are such a good traveler and I can't wait to do more and more of it with you!

Sumit Mamu came to the airport to pick us all up and he was very happy to see us all, especially YOU!

When we got home, Robin Mamu was all smiles to see you as well. You two have been having a very good time together. Robin Mamu loves to play with you and rock you to sleep.

Sumit and Robin Mamu's friends have been excited about you too. Some of them have already visited you and even brought you gifts!

Play time with Nani Ma continues!

We also make you do tummy time. You don't like it a whole lot but it's important for you so we do it for short intervals.

You still love to stretch and you do it the best!

In Portland, we have been walking a lot!

We have also been riding the street car a lot.

We go to the waterfront often and even spend time in downtown. You seem to enjoy the stroller ride and sleep well when we are out.

I can't seem to cross a baby store without checking it out to see if we can buy something cute for you and we always do!

Yes, you do get hungry during our outings and are fed right then!

During the weekdays, you, Nani Ma and I have been touring the city by ourselves. Last week, we went to the Art Museum.

Sumit and Robin Mamu join us on the weekends. This past weekend we went to the Farmer's Market and had brunch there.

We have a few other places to check out in the city which we plan to visit this week. Portland has been fun for us all. Sumit and Robin Mamu are wonderful hosts!

Evenings are play time with Sumit Mamu! He sometimes styles your hair with spikes!! :)

You have been very active this month, moving a lot lately. Back home, you used to spend time in your gym too!

You are also smiling a lot more and seem to be recognizing us now too!!

I love talking to you and your smile back to me is the most beautiful thing!

I also love reading to you. We have been reading "Where's my bone". It's a touch and feel book. Back home we were also reading "Hungry Caterpillar" another touch and feel book and also a Jungle book.

Dad's been in India all this time for work. We all get back home the same day. I am sure he can't wait to see you when he returns. When Dad's around, you guys have a good time hanging out together!

There is a discharge coming out of your left eye lately. I called your pediatrician's office and they told me to massage the corner of your nose to see if that helps. I've been doing that and I hope the tear duct opens up with the massage and the discharge goes away.

Sweetie, you are the cutest little precious and O! so adorable!

We all love you!

Happy Birthday! Here's us at Pok Pok celebrating you! :)



Rohit said...

Wow.. Rohit mamu is touched. Can't wait to see you, Kabir! :)

Preternatural said...

Happy 2 months Kabir! I'm going to miss you when you leave and can't wait to see you again! Hope you don't forget all the good times we've had together :)

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Rohit: I can wait for you two to meet either!

Robin: Thanks! I hope this post keeps the memory of this trip alive for Kabir, when he grows up! And yes, definitely more meetings at shorter intervals is what we need!! :) Should be even more fun when you guys meet next, he'll be more grown up then!!

vibha said...

Ruchuu..I cant wait to meet him.

Tell kabir-Bua cant wait to see you darling n cant wait to hold you!!you r just so adorable!!

Ruchi I still remember the days we were waiting for Kabir to arrive n join the family tree,Now its two months already!!
Time just flies when we r happy!!

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Vibha, plan a trip and come over!! :)