Monday, July 23, 2012

Once a baby, now a toddler!

K, it's been a while since I posted about what you've been upto. This post comes rather late, but I am happy, I've found the time to put it together! There are a lot of exciting milestones to share! :)

Last few months have been nothing but fun. You are growing up to be such an interesting little boy...a total copy cat who is full of MISCHIEF, so much so, that I can see it in your eyes! Really! :)

You spent the most amazing time with the family.

We went to parks, water fountains, weekend outings and you enjoyed them all. Your favorite is playing in the water!

You love listening to stories. There are times when you pick the books yourself and hand them over, so we could read them to you.

You have the best time, when I read to you "The very hungry caterpillar". You roll laughing when I tickle your tummy, when the caterpillar gets a stomach ache. O, we have so much fun! :)

You've been talking...a LOT!! :) It's so great to hear you utter words. Your vocabulary is expanding rapidly, you can say apple, ight (light), cat, ball, dog, puppy, nose, teeth, hiding, alright, i know, bye-bye, no, ammi, nani, mommy, mama, daddy and MORE!

Of all the words that you can speak, "Daddy" is your most favorite and Daddy can't be happier! :)

 Hiding! You love to hide; be it behind the legs, in the closet, in the pantry, or just under the island in the kitchen. And once you hide, you say "hiding" in your cutest voice. :) It's the best!

 We love being silly! Spending time with you is so much fun!

Every Saturday morning, we've been going to the Music Together class! It's a 45 minute session full of music and play and you've been enjoying it a lot!

You now know where your nose, teeth and eyes are! When asked where they are you point to your nose and teeth and blink your eyes! It's super cute! :)

You are quite a dancer already! See how cute you look dancing! :)

We gifted you a rocking horse for your birthday, which hadn't  excited you till just recently, when you tried to climb it yourself and rock it. Earlier you would only pull its tail, eat it's ear and give it a kiss and a hug! :)

You give the best kisses and hugs. I can never have enough of them! :)

You are very active. You only nap once a day now and want to play the rest of the time.

You've been working on a shape puzzle these days and you are very good at it! 

We now have Tita looking after you. She's wonderful! She spends a lot of time playing with you and making sure you are safe. She can juggle balls and balance your milk bottle on her head when she walks! You've been having a great time with her!

These days you are learning how to climb down the stairs and are starting to show your stubborn side...yup, already! :)

You've taken us by surprise by lifting some large and heavy pieces!

Sitting is no more your favorite thing. You now love to be free so you can run around.

O, and the most eventful story of these months! Back in June we were hit by a Derecho; a severe thunderstorm. Luckily, we survived it without any damage but a power outage for 3.5 days. I hear one comes across such a storm once in a lifetime, so I hope no more for us! Had you been a little bigger, you would have probably enjoyed the thrill from watching it!

You are an absolute darling, my love! We LOVE you all the time! Have the best time growing up, sweetie!

Love always!

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