Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

Sweetie, as we end 2012 today, I wanted to reflect on how this year went for you.

  • You turned 1! 
  • You learned  
    • walking, running, climbing and jumping
    • talking in sentences and can now converse very well
    • counting, alphabets, rhymes, shapes and colors
    • to tell your name!
    • saying "Thank you"
    • cleaning up
  • Started school
  • Took trips to NYC, Pennsylvania, Montreal and India
  • Spent time with family and got a LOT of pampering!
  • Fascination with Trains, bikes and cars started
  • You started screaming, so much so that sometimes my ears hurt and I wonder what your throat must feel!
It was a great year, full of many new and wonderful beginnings.

As we enter 2013 and beyond, I have several wishes for you. Here goes!

I wish 
  • you grow strong and healthy
  • you always stay very inquistive
  • you continue to amaze us, just like you do today
  • you continue to play, experiment and learn
  • you stay loving, courteous and respectful to others
  • you always have great mentors and are surrounded by people who love you
  • you become truthful and can tell what's right vs. wrong
  • you get the best of education and never stop to learn
  • you have a million dreams and the ambition and the strength to make them come true
  • you always stay joyful and make everyone smile, just like you do today
  • you and I become the best of friends 
I wish you all this and more! Have a wonderful time forward and I look forward to more exciting times with you!

Love you now and forever!


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