Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

K, it's your second Christmas today and this is how the day opened for you! There were a lot of presents under the tree and in the stocking, waiting to be unwrapped!

You opened them one by one!

There was a lot of excitement...books, toys...what next?!?

A PIANO! Yes, Santa decided to start you early! :)

Daddy assembled it and showed you a bit

and got a sweet kiss in return! :) So precious!

Seeing your excitement as each gift was unwrapped was a joy in itself! It was like you were in a toy store!

You've been enjoying all this gifts from Santa, who was so very generous that he even made a trip to Canada and brought presents from there!

The piano has been a hit!

You've been sitting down and playing it just like a pro! :)

Okay, may be that's just in the pictures. :) But this is so cool! Daddy and I are both very excited about the piano!  

And there was still MORE...our friend Ashish who we had invited over for lunch came bearing a present for you too! 

A Tonka truck! :)

You love your trucks and the tractor! You've been taking them with you all around the house!

You also like your Thomas & Friends trains especially the musical caboose. You've been pressing the button on it to play the music. It's catchy! 

What a wonderful day, K! Full of smiles and cheer! Stay blessed, my love and keep smiling! 

Merry Christmas! :)

We love you!

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