Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 8 months!

Vir, you have completed 8 months today! Just a few minutes back I was putting you down to sleep and thinking how quickly you are growing. How tiny you were and how long you are now. How quickly this time is passing by. Can we pause please? :)

Last few weeks have been very exciting. Lots of very interesting developments took place and a new phase has started! You are on your all fours!! :)

Not only can you sit without support but you are crawling all over the place. So much so that this past weekend, we put the gates back for security.

Initially when you started crawling, we separated yours and Kabir's play area so you could have nice wide space to crawl without legos in the way but now that doesn't work. I put you on your mat and in a matter of seconds you are on Kabir's mat and then you are under the kitchen island. It's amazing how quickly you have managed to be on your fours and move fast.

You can now enjoy the playground. Sitting in the swing made you super happy! It was a lot of fun watching both you and K on the swing set together! :)

Kabir has been playing with you a lot. He sometimes gets possessive about his toys but once told to share, he does. He gets you toys when you are in your high chair throwing tantrums while eating. He loves being silly.

He has been telling you he loves you. This is what he says; "I love you, Vir". "Vir, I love you"! :) We do a story time together at night before your bed time and he always gives you a kiss before leaving your room! He is the sweetest big brother who loves you dearly and I can't wait to see the friends you two will become! :)

Apart from eating combination foods, you've tried some soft puffs. You've been eating a few everyday. You just put one in your mouth and it pretty much melts.

I can see a little while pearly almost ready to sprout on your lower jaw!

Yesterday, we celebrated Rakhi. It was your first! :) When I was tying the bracelet on your hand, you had no idea what was going on. Normally, Rakhi is a brother-sister festival but in our family, it's our thing! I had fun picking cute bracelets and little gifts for you and Kabir and now you are having fun playing with them! :)

Lots of blessings sweetie! Happy and healthy growing up. Can't wait to see what's next! :)

Happy Birthday!

Love you,

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