Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy 9 months!

Happy 9 month birthday, big boy! :)

You are getting to be so much fun! See all that you have been doing this past month, from screaming competitions, to playing peek-a-boo, to standing up and climbing short objects. Fun, fun, fun!

You sure have made us all laugh, a LOT!!! :)

You now have two lower teeth! It's very exciting! Can't wait for you to start eating some real food!

You have surely become much more aware of your surroundings. Starting to show signs of stranger anxiety and also getting more clingy.

You brothers have the BEST time playing!

Kabir doesn't want me to take you out of your crib after your naps, as he wants to get in the crib and play with you and that's his way of stopping me from picking you up!

We made a trip to a water park one weekend, while K had a great time, you didn't enjoy it as much. The water was probably a little cold for you. We'll try again next year! :)

You've been enjoying our daily reading time and have also been spending time with the books on your own!

You've been trying to talk. Hard to decipher it just yet but I am sure it's coming soon and we can't wait! :)

We are having to keep a close eye on you, as you can now, pull the expandable gate and go towards the steps. Scary! Time to put the real secure gate in place. You do listen, when you are told not to do something, so that's been working out well. :)

Since you now have been standing quite well with support, we are trying to encourage you to take steps.

That's Mariela, with you! She had a unique way to teach to walk, by wrapping the kitchen towel around you. It was interesting.

We had Ammi, Dilbagh uncle and Madhu uncle, visit us a couple of weeks back and as always, it was a GREAT time spent together! Kabir and you both got a lot of attention and love! :) Kabir, first didn't want them to leave and then was ready to go with them! :) We'll have to make a trip to see them all, soon! :)

Dad's friend visited us from California last weekend. That's him dancing with you on some tune!

Fun end of summer, Vir. Kabir has started back at school, this year doing a 3 day/week Montessori program. That's him ready to leave for school but of-course, he had to come see you first! :)

Next year, you'll join him too, at-least once a day for the "Mommy and Me" program! That will be fun! :)

You are definitely much quieter and content, however, it was a lot of fun seeing your playful side this past month! Keep it up, lovie!

We all love you loads!

Happy Birthday! :)


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