Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy 10 months!

 Sweetie, you've now entered your double digits...unbelievable!

This post is a few days late, as we were out on your birthday weekend, visiting the Anand family. What a treat to be with them on your monthly birthday! We all had a great time. Ride was a bit tough for you but once you were there, it was a whole lot of fun! Lots of playtime and love from everyone! So much so that, when it was time to come back, you wouldn't leave Ammi! :)

Overall, this was an amazing month! It is hard to believe all that you can do now. There have been things that have left our eyes and moth wide open! Check it out for your self! :)

You don't crawl, you RUN on your fours! Mostly, you want to stand now and you can easily stand for a long duration and pick books or toys and then sit down and get back up! It's fascinating! You are found standing in your crib, waiting, when you wake up from naps and bedtime! It's your favorite position! :)

You tried you hand at the piano, which now K plays with his toes! Yes, tell me about it, he's a clown! :) You didn't just try your hand at it, it felt like you really enjoyed it! You were on the piano for good 20 minutes, playing around with the keys! It was very impressive! :)

You seem to understand what we say to you, especially "No" and you have been responding in your ba ba's and ga ga's. Not just that, you repeat "bye" or "bye-bye", when it's said to you and you're in the mood! :)

You can move by pushing the music table or the walker! It's amazing, to see you can swiftly move them and walk without falling down! You're doing great and this is not all...there's more!

You can climb too! You climb on the lego box to reach to the toy shelves and have been climbing on our bed too!

You have 2 lower teeth and one on the upper jaw that is already out and the other one, just about to sprout!

Kabir and you have been enjoying lots of play time together. You love to watch what he builds with his legos and as I say, de-construct what he builds! It doesn't make him very happy, but he is starting to be smart about it and puts his creations at some height you can't reach them, if he doesn't want them broken.

 You love to play with legos, cars, trucks and balls and have also been enjoying some alone time with books. Reading before bedtime, is something we all love! Kabir picks the books and I read them to you both. Kabir longs for this and doesn't want to ever miss the story time with you! :)

This past month, you clapped and celebrated a few birthdays! We were super excited! :)

Great month, love!

Happy Birthday! :) Looking forward to what's next!

Love you a whole lot!


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