Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy 1st birthday!!! :)

Vir, you turned 1 today!

This is a big milestone! I can't believe an year has gone by since you were born. Feels like yesterday when I had just gone for a checkup and was told that we should deliver the baby and I was so anxious and nervous. My mind was flooded was so much and then you were born and I fell in love, yet again!

You are such an adorable baby and I love you to bits! You were under weight when you were born but you have since then picked up and are healthy and strong!

I have to show you all that you've been doing that has left our mouths wide open and so proud of you...cimbing steps and chairs and tables!

You met Rohit Mamu and Isha Mami, who were visiting us from India!

You visited New Orleans for Thanksgiving and met Sumit Mamu and Aman Mami! We saw the thanksgiving parade and strolled through the French Quarters.

You and K had the best time enjoying the view from our room and playing! :)

That's all of 4 of us! So thankful for this family! :)

Usually you are up by 7:15 today, you decided to sleep in, I went to your room twice, Mariela came with balloons at 15 past 8 and you were still sleeping. When you finally woke up, we were all so excited and rushed to you to wish you. Kabir was excited to see if grew taller since you turned 1! :) Love, love, love the innocence! :)

You got lots of hugs and kisses from all wishes from all around the world and spent the time just playing with your balloons and gifts...blissful! :)

Today is such an exciting day! I can't believe my little boy is 1! :) You got your first hair cut today and later celebrated the big day with the family! Mamu and Mami are here too!! How exciting!! :)

 with the presents! Someone didn't get the memo for no gifts! :)

We are having a big party on Saturday the 13th and it's extra special, since we are celebrating two big milestones and two special people! Ammi and You!!! :)

We love you sweetheart!

I wish you the best of everything today and always! I wish you stay forever young, thoughtful, kind and humble.

I love you so much!!

Happy 1st birthday! :


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