Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ammi and Vir's birthday snapshots!

Last month, on this very day, we celebrated Ammi and Vir's big milestones! It was a great gathering of family and friends. I love such events when we all get together, they make for beautiful and long lasting memories!

I'll let the pictures show the love and excitement around our house; celebrating two very special people whom we love very much!

Some decorations and food art! :)

What made the party fun was everyone who came! We had a beautiful mix of crowd! See for yourself!

Kabir was also there, just hiding away but we found him! :)

And then it was time to cut the cakes!

This is where Mr. K went and licked Ammi's cake, we missed to get it on the camera and everyone but me wanted him to do it again! :)

Great day, lots of memories and beautiful pictures to live them by! Here's to many more such celebrations!

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