Friday, February 6, 2015

Vir takes his first independent steps!!

A day we had been waiting for! All of us...Ammi asked me every time we spoke, if Vir walked and gave me ideas to entice him but nothing was working, till this morning when I heard Mariela, our nanny call out my name repeatedly. I was working from my home office upstairs and I had never heard her call me like this, so I wasn't sure what was going on.

I rushed downstairs, hoping everything was okay and I hear K calling "Vir, Vir..." and I look to my side and see Vir coming out of the toilet (he's in toilet training!) walking by himself! I was overjoyed and clapping!!! So so happy! Totally unexpected and so glad I didn't miss it! :)

Vir had been learning for walk since a few months now and he was getting more and more comfortable, he just needed a little support till yesterday, just a touch of the finger was enough for him to hold and walk. So we knew he could do it but he just was taking his own sweet time and that was okay. :)

Mariela, Kabir and I were all thrilled. In the evening, I took K for his hair cut and this is what he tells Henry (his hair dresser) "My little diddle can walk now...all by himself! He is a big boy!" K was so proud! :) And I am so proud of both my boys!!

Love them to bits!

Here's a short video Mariela recorded later and shared with me and then I did one in the evening! Lots of improvement, as you can see! :)

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