Friday, February 13, 2015

Growing up together!

Sibling: a friend for a lifetime.

Sumit and I were very close growing up; sharing stories, secrets and even our letters from our pen-friends. Always, looking out for each other, even when we had our disagreements.

We always knew we could count on each other. Now we are adults and have gotten busy with our lives but even today I know I have Sumit's back and he has mine. He's a friend I'll have forever!

That's the bond I want to foster in my boys; the bond of unconditional love and friendship and it starts early on!

I feel so proud when I see K looking out for Vir; whether it is telling others about Vir's food allergies or ensuring that he keeps his lego juniors safe so they don't end up in Vir's mouth or sharing his food or telling Vir that he loves him or helping Vir walk and getting super excited when Vir does something new or asking for Vir when I go to pick him up from school.

Vir brightens up at the sight of K and blows him the sweetest kisses and gives him the best smiles. They love to be together; be it play time, bath time or story time and get silly. Total copy cats, who bring out the naughtiest best in each other! If this is not love, then what is?!?

I love 'em more than words can tell. May their bond grow stronger and may they be best friends for life!


Sumit said...

Love these two! And love you!!

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Thank you, Summ! We love you too!