Monday, March 2, 2015

Postcards from the Providenciales

After a rough week with about 8 inches of snow, long power outages and Tarun out traveling all week for work, we were all looking forward to getting together and heading to Turks and Caicos for a little escape from the cold.

Last Sunday, we left home at 7:30 am for the airport to catch our first of the two flights to our destination. Eager and excited to get there, not thinking anything could go wrong!

We reached the Dulles airport, boarded our plane and then sat in it for the longest time so the ground staff could load the luggage! Given the weather, which was clear that day, with a lot of snow on the ground, there were only 2 ground personnel for this job. This was the start of the things that went wrong that day. We sat there anxious...very anxious, especially since we didn't have a long lay over. Finally the plane took off. While we were relived, we weren't sure if we would make our connection. We hoped to, knowing in our hearts we would miss it but praying that we didn't.

We reached Charlotte 2 mins before our next flight and then we RAN or Tarun did. I was holding Kabir who is 30+ pounds and the little that I could run holding him made me breathless. I realized then that I need to work out more or rather more often!

Needless to say, we missed our connection...just by 13 mins. One would think the airlines would wait for its passengers, knowing the earlier flight is delayed. On the bright side, this gave me time to feed Vir his lunch and so I did, while Tarun went to enquire about our options. Sometime later, Tarun sends me a text.

Tarun: We can either take 3 flights and reach tonight past 10 pm or take the direct flight tomorrow. What do you want to do?

Me: Direct flight tomorrow. What are your thoughts?

Tarun: I say we reach today.

Me: Ok.

Me to K: Daddy is asking, if you want to take a direct flight tomorrow or 3 flights today and reach tonight?

K: 3 flights today. (Not really knowing what it meant!)

We did have a decision!

It was a long day and K was too tired of airports, planes and flying. Vir was restless and cranky.

When we reached Miami for our last leg, I started Vir's dinner, who wouldn't eat while sitting, so I was pacing the gate, which was very crowded, trying to feed him! I come back to where Tarun was and I hear him talk on the phone to someone. The unit we had booked a while back at The Somerset via Inspirato was double booked! I was too tired and this was not something I wanted to hear, especially when I was looking forward to "the Inspirato experience". I didn't even want to go anymore.

Oh well, we boarded the flight and reached Providenciales around 10 pm, only to discover that our luggage didn't make it!! As if, we needed more bad news.

We had the car waiting to pick us up and we reached our resort. We were taken to our now assigned 2 bedroom unit, which was very nice and spacious. We had a destination concierge, who had dinner waiting for us in the unit and helped us get settled. She assured us that she would take care of our luggage the next day and also take care of anything else we needed in between.

We were too tired, so we hit the beds and woke up the next morning to a beautiful summer day. Weather in the 80s and beautiful views from our patio, only we were in sweaters, jeans and UGGs!

Kristi our destination concierge, brought us toothbrushes, toothpaste, diapers etc. early morning. We had breakfast in our unit (our fridge was stocked with the groceries I had requested, before we got there) and went out for lunch to Bay Bistro; (a restaurant at walking distance) feeling too hot in our winter apparel.

Around 4 pm, our luggage was delivered by Kristi at our unit and soon after we were off to the beach! Our vacation had finally started and it was beautiful from here on!

K couldn't wait to build the sand castle! 

We walked to dinner at Hemingways. It was about 15 mins from our resort. We had a beautiful view of the sunset and that's because our phone told us it was 6:45pm when it really was 5:45pm. We were there an hour before our reservation and 15 mins before dinner start time but we got to see the sunset! :)

One afternoon, after the kids went down for their naps, we got a babysitter and went snorkeling at Coral Gardens. It was our first time. We snorkeled at the beach and saw some really cool fish of all colors and sizes and some beautiful reef. It was quite an experience!

Next day, we had a semi-submarine tour planned for the kids. It was pretty cool to see some schools of fish and turtles, not to mention even the starfish. We found out during our tour that remoras keep the turtles clean, so we saw them on almost every turtles back.

I don't remember the last time, I was this relaxed.

The boys were having a great time! Vir floated happily

while K couldn't decide whether to be in the pool or at the beach. He wanted both and got both! :)

Tarun knows how to relax the best!

Lovely dinner at Coco Bistro. It is an outdoor restaurant covered with tall palm trees on the top. Truly mesmerizing ambiance and good food.

K and I having our 1:1 time. Sharing stories, making memories! :)

My fashionista! :)

K was super excited to see the sail boat come in.

Hard at work..building more sand castles!

Breakfast at our resort's restaurant; Pavillion.

 Kids and I played in the garden while Tarun enjoyed a peaceful breakfast! Perfect photo op for me!

Looking for sea shells. They did find a few and we brought them back!

Tarun and I both love beach walks. We were glad to get a few strolls and one good long walk with the boys during our stay!

The final result of one of the many sand castles boys built.

Having a great time!

Ready to swim in the beach! K LOVES water!

Vir catching up! :)

When we were indoors, K was busy building legos!

On the day we were to leave, we had a couple of hours at hand before heading to the airport. K knew he had to swim!

Vir was happy lounging!

and playing peek-a-boo!

Beautiful turquoise beach, deep blue sky with floating clouds, white powdered sand and no pollution. I would call it Paradise!

Too much love! :)

 Being silly! :)

K also loves fountains. We had a few on the property and he always wanted to stop and look! :)

We had a whale of a time! All vacations must end and ours did too. We are now back home where we have power and heat working! We are happy and excited to get started with our week!


Sumit said...

Looks amazing!

Robin said...

Rough start, but looks like it was worth it! The weather there is way better than here.

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Thanks Sumit and Robin. It was lovely minus the rough start we had. Robin, welcome back! Let's catch up soon.