Saturday, April 11, 2015

F for FOUR

Kabir, earlier this week you turned 4! There was so much excitement around our house for your birthday. For the first time, you yourself were looking forward to it.

Since your birthday was on Monday, we made a weekend out of it!

Saturday, April 4th you got a new bike with a new helmet. You were very excited. You were very involved in choosing it, you rode it in the store to test it and even confirmed the color.

Sunday, April 5th, we took you to the National Geographic Museum, where they had the Monster Fish and Spinosaurus exhibits. You even watched a 3D movie about dinosaurs and sea life. It was a beautiful day weather wise, so after we finished at the museum, we went to the Georgetown Water Park, where you and Vir were thrilled to just run around and play.

Then came the big day! Monday, April 6th. Usually you wake me up, but that day, I was up before you, in your room, waiting for you to wake up. And when you did, I wished you and gave your your birthday cards. You were very excited and wanted to show them to Daddy and Nani right away.

It was your school day, so you got ready and I dropped you off at school. Ms. Lisa Peter picked you up from carpool and this is what you said to her "I turned 4 today. See how big I am!" I was smiling wide at your excitement and exclamation. Ms. Peter and you walked to your classroom talking.

In another hour, Nani and I went to your school to celebrate your birthday with your classmates and teachers. We took with us your favorite snacks; Cake Pops and Veggie Sticks, for all our friends. Ms. Haq conducted the walk around the sun  for you and the birthday song.

Afterwards, it was time for snack. You set napkins for all your classmates, while other kids picked other jobs to help.

Nani and I were very impressed!

You take the first bite, while other kids wait.

After the snack, I read a book; The Giving Tree, to your class. You were very excited and were even telling the story yourself with me.

You stayed in school till it was over, while Nani and I went to pick a cake and balloons for the evening. Daddy joined us when it was time to pick you up from school and we went for lunch at Sicilliano, our local Italian eatery.

 After lunch, we made our way to DC to check out Exposed at the US Botanical Gardens. It was a very fascinating exhibit about the plant roots.

Outdoors they had root sculptures.

One of them was even climbable. You had the most fun there.

Since the day was so gorgeous, we spent some time by the water right outside and then made our way back home where Vir was waiting for us.

Of course, after getting home, you wanted to ride your bike, so we went outside for the bike ride and brought home with us your friend Sofia for cake.

With three FaceTime connections with Ammi/Uncle, Sumit Mamu, Aman Mami and Nani, Daddy, Vir, Sofia, you and I at home, you cut the cake! :)

I was so glad we were all together despite the distance.

You have yet another celebration with your friends on Saturday, April 18th, where you'll be experimenting with Slime. Should be fun!

Kabir, you have grown all of a sudden, and I mean really grown. There is a huge difference from 3 to 4. Creativity when it comes to coming up with stories, has gone way up. You are using big words and phrases like "demolished", "exactly", "just in time", "beginning", "Can you believe that?!" and so many more. You were telling me that you can "apply brakes on your bike just in time"! Haha, I crack up on your narrations.

Listen to this, it's is from today, your 4 year check up with Dr. Yoo.

Dr. Yoo: Do you like watching TV
You: Yes
Dr. Yoo: What do you watch?
You: Kids TV
Dr. Yoo: What program do you like to watch on Kids TV?
You: The long one! The one that is very long, fifteen minutes long! :)

You get screen time once a week, so all you want is to watch a long episode of whatever you choose. I don't blame you but it was hilarious! :)

You have been writing numbers and letters and also practicing writing your name. You can find magnet letters and make your's and Vir's name.

You sometimes also read to Vir! :)

Legos continue to be your your favorite. You are working with both Duplos and Juniors. You really are building some very impressive pieces, from castles to trucks to towers to bunk beds...It's pretty cool!

These days, it is all about "cops" and "bad guys" and "enemies". Tons of stories around catching the bad guys.

You also love books. I have been creating your day plan and incorporating new titles for reading each day. I enjoy planning your reading and activities.

It is fun to see you grow and interact. You are very assertive and sometimes, it feels like, you are running our household! If not now, you soon will! :)

You love to swim and have been taking lessons which are going very well. You will also be starting soccer later this month.

Great year, Kabir. I wish your curiosity stays with you and you learn a lot. I wish you can choose right vs. wrong. I wish you are respectful to others. I wish you are always surrounded by loved one and I wish you are happy and healthy always. I wish you the very best, sweetheart!

I love you so very much!

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