Thursday, April 23, 2015

Slime Time Party!

Kabir, you had your 4 year birthday party last Saturday at Curiosity Zone and it was super duper fun!

We reached the venue a few minutes early to set the food and welcome our guests. Curiosity Zone team did such a great job with the overall set up. They even had a running "Happy Birthday Kabir" banner going! :) It was pretty cool.

Promptly at 10:30 A.M. our guests started to arrive

and after the initial warm up

 you all were taken into the lab, where you all were little scientists dressed up in lab coats

 and talking about vortex and testing it out!

And then there were more experiments. You all made colorful slime and bouncy balls!

All the kids were really into it and curious to see each others mix.

There you are now, making the jelly like mix for bouncy balls.

After having experimented with all the cool stuff, like color, water, borax, mixing, shaping etc. you were all queued up to get into the party room but the door to the room could only be opened by your biometrics! How cool is that?!? :)

In the party room, you all prepared your own concoction (lemonade with food coloring!) and then the food was served!

Finally it was time for the cake. This time you requested for the Swordfish on the cake. Last year, it was the Shark! :)

And then the super fun and cool shadow wall experiment!

And it was time for the party to be over.  All your friends, got a beaker with test tube and an experiment card along with the slime and bouncy balls they had made. :)

There were things outside to keep kids busy and no one wanted to leave. That's how much fun it was! :)

A lovely morning spent with your friends. So nice of them to have joined and helped you celebrate.

You were so excited to tell everyone later, that you were a scientist and that you are now "4+"

I have been told by many parents that kids are continuing to play with the slime balls even at their homes!  :)

To many many more celebrations, Kabir! Have a wonderful life.

Bear hug, lovie! I love you lots!

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