Friday, January 29, 2016

Jonas O Jonas!

What a storm! About 30 inches of snow last weekend provided for everyone under the same roof with some downtime.

We checked into a hotel last Friday afternoon, as we didn't want to risk losing power and be stuck at home during the storm, without heat and water.

It was a comfortable feeling and gave everyone some downtime...catching up on sleep, reading, lots of news on TV and some movies for the boys too.

Although, we didn't go prepared for a heated pool, Kabir was ready to jump in, as soon as he found out, the hotel had one.

Come Sunday morning, the storm had passed with a lot of snow on the ground. From our room, we could see the road outside the hotel was clean. That gave us a reason to think, the plow trucks had been busy and must have cleared the main roads.

We feel the pinch of not having a 4x drive every time we are stuck in this situation but for some reason, we still don't own one.

While I wanted to be cautious and hear the news reporters say it was safe to go out, Tarun was ready to give it a shot. We sure were home sick.

We knew, we had power at home since Tesla was charging (Tarun had been tracking it on the Tesla app)

After breakfast and some thinking, failed attempts to get uber or any other help, we loaded our bags in Prius and slowly got out of the hotel, only to realize that the roads were in a horrible it the toll road or any other major roads. We somehow cautiously made it to our street and then we were stuck! It hadn't been plowed yet. There was no way we could have driven on it and and there was already a car stuck in a distance. Our neighbor, whose car was stuck was out with his snow blower, clearing the street so that he could at-least move the car to the side.

We parked in another neighbor's driveway on our cross street and walked home.

How good it felt to be home, safe.

I headed straight to the kitchen to make some fresh hot cocoa!

Kabir could hardly wait to go out and play. He had been itching to play in the snow, since the it started Friday afternoon and when we finally went out, he had the best time!

Vir played some outside and was then ready to come and play indoors.

We were so elated to be back home, that we even celebrated with our favorite vino by the fire!

Pre-school was closed the first three days this week and I worked from home.

Yesterday, the pre-school re-opened at a regular time and it felt like life was getting back to normal and then, while driving the boys to the school, our car slipped on the very icy hilly road. Our nanny was driving the boys to school and soon after they left, I got a call from her that she is stuck. I left right away to get to them. Thankfully everyone was safe but it was so frightening.

After over two hours...finishing the paper formalities, waiting for VDOT to come and salt the road and then the tow truck to pull cars out, we decided to skip school and came back home.

The boys went out to play in the snow and I started work. We decided to take today easy too.

Hoping the better temperatures during the weekend and next week will help clear the aftereffects of Jonas.

Monday should bring a welcome change to get back to school and office.

I sure am done with the snow for the rest of the winter!

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So nice, warm, and filled with love family photos! I loved the post!