Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Big 5!

Kabir, earlier this month you turned 5! It's unbelievable how quickly these five years have gone by.

From a little baby to now a very thoughtful, loving and caring boy, who has a naughty side and loves to crack jokes, loves to come up with poems and stories and LOVES to build! You're creativity is beyond impressive!

One of the poems that you came up with goes like this:
Good night, good night, construction siteGo to sleep it's dark outsideWake up in the morning when the sun is bright. 
 You are doing very well academically. You love to count, this is something we do during our car rides. You are doing additions and subtraction, more and more mentally now and are READING!

Today, you read a store banner "DOG WORLD PET SALON" all by yourself!

You are deriving morals from stories and sharing in your class and also participating in discussions. You've had several mentions in your weekly update around this in the last few months.

You are a very loving and protective big brother. Vir adores you, he copies you (a lot!), he listens to you (more than he listens to me or daddy, so sometimes I ask you to tell him what I want him to do!)

You two have the best time together. Of-course there are times when you both want the same thing at the same time and there's some crying involved but overall, you both want to read bed time stories together, you want to bathe together, play together, share your favorite food, your toys, books everything. You even love to wear matching clothes! :-)

Kabir, you have a love for learning. You always want to know the what, why, how and then what to get deeper knowledge. When we are together and you're not building legos or playing outdoors, you are asking questions! Sometimes, I don't even know the answers, so we look up together!

I get to learn so much from you like today over dinner, I learned about the Dodo bird which is now extinct! How awesome is this?! Keep up your curiosity and love for learning!

Since this was your 5th birthday and you love Legos, we decided to take you to LegoLand during spring break. You were very excited and very involved in the planning. You chose to not fly and drive, so we decided to go to Legoland in Florida, you chose the room (the Knights room) you wanted to stay it at the resort. You made all the decisions!

The drive was long, it took us 2 days each way, but you and Vir did incredibly  well. We didn't use iPads or iPhones during the entire drive or during our stay. Lots of talking, playing games, reading books, sharing jokes and time passed very well.

You were so excited to get to Legoland, you jumped straight in the lego pit and started building. During our stay, you participated in lego building competitions, enjoyed rides in the park, the pool, pajama parties and had the best time!

We even made a short trip to see the Anand family in Allentown. As always, we had a great time. Lots of love, pampering and family time. Ammi cooked your favorite fish which you loved! You had such a great time that you didn't want to come back. You were literally in tears. Next time you want to go for 2 weeks or a million days. I think you will choose the latter. :-)

On your birthday, we celebrated with your friends and teachers at school. In the evening, you cut the cake I baked for you and then opened your presents!

This past Saturday, you had your big birthday party. You enjoyed a magic show with your friends. It was a hit with both kids and adults!

Happy big birthday Kabir! Be kind. Be humble. Be thoughtful.

You're an absolute delight! We love you and are very proud of you!

Hugs and Kisses,


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