Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's day.

Kabir's class celebrated mother's day this past Thursday by hosting a tea party and a beautiful song performance for all the ladybug moms!

The teachers and the children make this day so special for the mothers. So much planning and practice goes into putting the performance together. Their love and handwork is simply touching.

The theme was Victorian Era and the kids looked adorable in their victorian outfits!

 And the performance was just so beautiful! The little ones rocked it! We have played the recording over and over and over these past few days. Can't get enough of it.

I was beyond elated to be there! Can you tell? :-)

The events at Kabir's class are extra special to me this year, since it is his last year at the preschool. He has made such great friends over the years not just with the kids but also his teachers. Hope we will all make an extra effort to keep these friendships alive.

That's Kabir with his very dear friend Mark!

As I sit to post this today, I realize I never posted the fashion show ladybugs held last year for mother's day. It was a show to watch!

On Friday, Vir brought me this beautiful card with his hand cut outs. I am always touched by the thoughts teachers put in!

Today, I received this beautiful card designed and written by Kabir...ILU and U R MIN (this boy knows how to steal my heart!). Vir wrote too. The lines you see are all him! LOVE IT!

May their hearts be always full of love and care and may we always have such loving moments and memories together.

I hope, I really hope, I can do half as good a job as a mother, as some of the role models in my life.

Thank you boys, for all your love. You're precious and I love you more than words can say.


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