Sunday, April 6, 2008

Review:Masala Art

I dined at Masala Art, an upscale Indian restaurant at Taj Palace, last week with a friend who was visiting from SF. I wanted to take him out to a restaurant where he could enjoy good indian food, always something I wanted to do when I visited from US.
We started off with Kingfisher beer and left the menu selection on the server. Sidd, my friend wanted to stay away from chicken (fearing bird flu!), so we decided to have lamb instead. The server recommended the chef's special lamb and Shahi Paneer. We ordered Okra on the side ourselves.  The lamb was really good!
If you order plain roti/chapati, they make the tava roti for you at your table, which is very unique and welcoming especially if you are visiting from abroad where you are used to eating frozen chapatis :)
The food overall was quite good whereas the service was average.

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