Monday, April 28, 2008

Review:Naivedyam (Hauz Khas Village) 3.9/5


Food - 3.5
Naivedyam, a south indian restaurant at the Hauz Khas Village was my last weekend's pick. The restaurant serves "Rasam" as a complemetary drink after the guests are seated and it's definitely to die for, just perfectly spiced and flavorful.

Tarun ordered the south indian Upma along with Curd Rice and I orderd the special "Maharaja Sajjige Masala Dosa". The Upma was part sweet and part salty, very different
from what we've had before. The special Dosa was made of the rava batter with the filling of mixed vegetables and it tasted great. I was surprised to taste Sambhar, which was just not upto the mark.
The sweet pan served at the end of the meal is very mouth freshening.

Cleanliness: 4.0
The tables were thoroughly cleaned before being reset for the next guest. The glassware and the tablware were spotless.

Service: 4.0

Pricing: 4.0

1 Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi
26960426, 26236364

11:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M.

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sumit sabharwal said... took pictures of the food!!:) Wow, you are getting good at this...very professionally written review...too bad it doesn't pay to do this, eh!!;)