Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trip to Amritsar

I was in Amritsar last week with my family, to attend a cousin's wedding. The wedding was on April 11th, and we were supposed to head to Jullundhar the next day to meet some relatives but decided to checkout the city a little bit before starting our journey for Jullundhar.

On April 12th. the day after the wedding, we decided to skip the b'fast at the guest house and eat at "Bharawan Da Dhaba" a much recommended restaurant in Amritsar famous for its Amritsari Naan.

We reached there past noon and ordered the speciality thalis with their famous naans along with sweet lassi (without malai, of-course :)). After having all the yummy food, we decided to head to the Golden temple, a truly magnificent house of god built in the middle of a lake.

The sublime peacefulness of the place was contrasting with the heavy traffic outside. I was amazed to see the number of people in line, standing in sun, to say their prayers. 

Baisakhi (the harvest festival of Punjab), was the following day and it was adding to the crowd at the temple. People came a day before and sat in the corridors to say their prayers the next day. It was amazing to see the willingness and the faith amongst people.

We took a round, around the lake where the temple is built, said our prayers and returned. So glad we checked it out, definitely one of my favorite sacred places now!


sumit said...

Gooooood times!!! Those naan's were yuuuuuuuum....

Aditi Malhotra said...

Nice experience you have shared here, through this post. Thanks and keep sharing such valuable updates through your side.

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Wingo Cabs said...

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