Friday, September 19, 2008

Japan: Day 2: Tokyo

So, the early morning breakfast never happened today, for those who know both me and Tarun, know how much we both love to sleep till late :). Today, we got up past 10 in the morning and headed to the Tokyo station, after getting ready, where we had sushi for lunch at Kaiten-zushi, this is an automatic sushi place!! The sushi here is served on the conveyor belt that runs along the counter! I never knew something like this existed so I was quite excited to see it. So, here, you just grab whatever takes your fancy and you are charged by the number of plates of sushi you eat. The plates are color coded and the the cost is written either on the wall or on the plate itslef. The sushi here, I would say was just okay but the experience was quite unique and I enjoyed it!

After lunch, we took the JR train to Akihabara, Tokyo's electronic town. We spent about 5 hrs here and then headed to Harajuku, where we did some shopping and had an amazing dinner at Fujimamas, a Japanese fusion restaurant. This restaurant not just serves fusion food but employs staff from various ethnicities and so is its clientele!

After dinner, was us back at the hotel!

It has been mostly raining in Tokyo, since we have reached, I really hope to see some sun tomorrow in Kyoto, where we are headed in the morning!

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