Monday, September 22, 2008

Japan: Day 5: Kyoto

Our day started with a visit to the Tenryu-ji temple which is laced with trails and has some nice zen gardens.

Walking along the trails, we reached the bamboo grove, one of the famous sites of Kyoto, more so because the movie, The Crouching tiger and the Hidden dragon had some scenes shot here.
We later made our way to the Kodaiji temple, stopping at the sites that caught our attention, like the Choin-in temple which has the biggest temple gate in all of Japan!
Kodai ji, again is a temple with massive grounds 
having beautifully landscaped gardens with bridges.Later, we strolled in the streets of Gion and visited some art galleries and antique stores and then made our way back to Tokyo in a three hour train ride!

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