Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Japan: Day 7: Tokyo

We got up at 5 in the morning today to check out the Tsukiji fish market, known to be the biggest wholesale fish market in the world! It was such an action packed place and for a fish market, it was really clean and not so stinky either.
We saw so many varieties and sizes of fish and some other seafood too.

After touring around the fish market, we had Maguro-donburi (raw slices of fresh tuna over rice, garnished with seaweed, ginger and some wasabi) for breakfast at Segawa, a much acclaimed, little counter restaurant by the fish market itself. It was delicious!
We spent the rest of the day roaming around Ginza and in the evening had sushi for my b'day dinner at Kyubei. It was the best sushi I've ever had!
And that's us at Kyubei! :) Tarun has a big piece of sushi in his mouth.Thanks to Tarun, I had a lovely day overall! :)


baldev said...

bad colour temprature settings ruchi ohh sorry u havnt taken this picture of yours

baldev chadha

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Yes, this pic was taken by our Sushi Chef at the restaurant we were dining.It was taken with my point and shoot camera, which for some reason was giving me an issue with the flash at that time...therefore the colors in this picture look odd.