Tuesday, April 30, 2013

K goes to the beach!

K has a deep love for water. He always wants to put his finger in the water; yes ALWAYS! :) Bath times end with cries everyday, he wants to sit in the sink and run the faucet, loves splashing water in the puddles when it rains... you get the idea! So, a trip to the beach with the family, after K's birthday was a perfect getaway!

We decided on going to Miami. Usually that's where we end up whenever we want to go to a beach. Hawaii is too far otherwise, I am sure we'd be there often!

Rash guard, sunscreen, hat and shades and K was ready to hit the beach!

He had the most fun playing in the water

and eventually with the sand too; he hates to get dirty, so playing with the sand took some getting used to! :)

Beach ouside, pool in the condo complex we were staying at, made K a very happy child! :)

For us, the trip was a success right there!

When we were not at the beach, we strolled on the Lincoln Road where Tarun satisfied his craving for burgers at Shake Shack! :)

Another highlight of the trip was Indonesian food at Indomania! It was our first time trying Indonesian cuisine, and we loved it! Need to find some good Indonesian restaurants in DC now!

All in all a fun trip! Sun, sand, water and family, what more can one ask for!?! :)


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Thanks, it was fun! We missed you!