Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Growing up!

K is now 2 but sometimes it feels like he's much older. Last week he graduated from the "mommy and me" program at his school. The last day of school was picnic at the park and lots of playtime in the playground!

I was so sad that his school year was over as this meant I won't be going to school with him anymore. It was such a wonderful program and I enjoyed it as much as Kabir! Come September, K starts pre-school. He'll be transitioning to 2 days a week program at the Village Green Day School, which means I'll drop him off at 9am and then pick him up at 12pm. It'll be different and will take some time getting used to for both of us.

Kabir feels like a little person now. He has his own personality and is showing his assertive side. He also is grasping things that are said to him and are around him, very quickly. He's also showing his creative side, I've heard him make his own rhymes lately! It's very impressive.

He's a pure joy around our house. I think because of him, we laugh much more than we ever did! I have to share some instances here, mostly because I want to preserve them!

So, K's default answer to anything is "No". So one night while I was putting him to bed, we had a little conversation:

Me: Do you love mommy?
K: No
K: (after a pause of 2 secs) Is mommy going to cry?

I burst out laughing!

Kabir is quite a talker and our nanny Tita, tells him that he talks like a parrot. So one evening, while playing with my Mom, Kabir said to her: "Nani, you talk like a parrot." Both me and my mom looked at each other and cracked up!

Yesterday, was a BBQ in the neighborhood. K has a few friends here now. All the kids in the neighborhood are girls except for Kabir. All older than him but they still like to play together and the girls love to cuddle him and what not.

So at the gathering, I was feeding K, a slice of a watermelon at the kids table, where the girls were sitting too. A couple of bites after, K says to me "Can mommy go talk to Daddy and Kabir eat by himself?" I was stunned. He's only 2 after-all !

Of-course, I said, sure and walked away, giving him his space!

Oh well, this child is growing faster than I want him to and now I'm not sure what's coming next!

We had a lovely mother's day earlier this month. Kabir delivered a card to his Nani (My mom), by climbing on her and putting the card on her head!

We went out for brunch the day before and I cooked brunch at home on Mother's day after which it was birthday party hopping for us!

First to Samad's

 and then to Arjun and Aanya's

He loves to climb, be it anything, even us! Nani never said "No" when she was here, so he was found on her head often!

These two are the best buds. Tons of play time and pampering when they are together and Kabir loves it all!

He loves being outdoors and going to the playground. Too bad we found out he's allergic to pollen, so he's going out and playing during the day after which we give him a bath to get rid of any pollen on his body and then he stays inside. I am hoping soon the pollen count will go down and we can be out in the evenings too!

Water is another thing he loves, watering plants gets him excited and usually that means, watering himself and everybody who is out with him too!

He loves building blocks

and making choo-choo trains, of anything and everything. His toys, markers and even stools in our house, on which everyone's invited to ride! :)

Loves climbing the ladder. He takes his tools with him and wants to fix things like Daddy!

Evenings are sometimes musical with his drums and piano and when he's not playing the drum, he's using it to climb the window seat!

Enjoys playing doctor too! The doctor set was a gift from friends on K's birthday and he's played with it a lot. I personally have received a lot of shots! :)

Has a great fascination for cars and trucks! Hops on the driver seat every chance he gets and bringing him out is a challenge.

Jumping, running, doing other monkey business goes on all day!

Story time is another favorite. He chooses what books he wants us to read to him! Sometimes I read him 9 books before bed time and he still wants more!

He even loves to pick up his books and read through pictures by himself!

He's also been helping pick his outfits. It takes longer to dress him up but it's fun!

He's been enjoying some educational games on the iPad and iPhone. This has come to rescue sometimes when we want to eat dinner and Kabir wants to climb on us!

It's been hard to record videos now since he can no more be coaxed into doing things but I was able to make a short one to record his voice and speech. A memory for later! :)

The 2s is a wonderful age I think, I am loving the innocence, the love for everyone that he shows, the interactiveness, the curiosity to know more, the focus on everything around him and the ability to absorb things like a sponge. It's amazing to see him grow. It's a learning experience for me and I keep getting surprised each day by what I see!

Keep it up, K! You are our little monkey and we love you so very much!


Sanjhineet said...

Dear Ruchi,

Seeing Kabir growing through your lovely photos is definitely a great feeling.........
And I could feel each of your words here too....

"I was so sad that his school year was over as this meant I won't be going to school with him anymore."

....so touched!!!
Love and hugs to both of you.

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Thank you Navneet for enjoying the photos and the blog post. Hope all's going well at your end. We need to catch up, it's been a while.

Lots of love to you!