Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day!

Today is the 4th father's day without my Dad around. I've been thinking of him all weekend and missing him so very much. Daddy, I wish you a very happy father's day. I hope my wish gets to you. Thanks for all your love and care always! I love you and miss you.

While, I've been quietly missing my Dad, I've enjoyed seeing Tarun and Kabir celebrate together. This father-son pair is hard to beat! The two are always found having fun and doing mischief!

For them, this was a Father's day weekend! We spent Saturday in DC brunching at The Source, walking around the parks and the fountains and spending some time at the National Gallery of Art.

After that we traveled an hour to checkout some outdoor playsets for K. He had a ball and didn't want to leave. Tarun had to trick him!

Later was shopping for today's bruch at home!

This morning, while Tarun and K were out swimming, I got the brunch and the table setting ready!

Brunch at home was fresh fruits, croque madame sandwiches with coffee and ice cream frappe. The roses are from our yard! Kabir helped me pick and plant them a few weeks back and they are growing beautifully! :)

An apricot slice in each plate was K's special touch! :)

And that's one proud and happy dad! :)

Happy Father's Day, Tarun! You two make a great pair! :) Love you both!

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