Sunday, September 15, 2013

K starts Pre-school!

Last Thursday, Sept 12th, Kabir started pre-school. It was the day of the orientation, so Kabir and I went together to his school. It was a fun filled day for Kabir, with lots of toys to play with, story time and even a visit to the playground!

We came back happy!

Even though, I had enrolled him into this two-day a week program and I went to the orientation with him, it didn't strike me, till the next day when I dropped him off at the carpool that he's now a pre-schooler; a boy who is growing even though for me he is still little.

On Friday, Sept 13th, Kabir and I were in the car and I had his name tag on the windsheid, saying "Kabir Upaday", I was talking to him, telling him that he'll be going inside the school with his teacher and will be there for a few hours and then I will come and pick him up in the afternoon. Kabir listened and said to me, "Can Mommy come inside too?" I told him, "No, mommy can't come inside, Kabir has to go by himself. He's a big boy now". He was quiet. We stopped in the carpool line and a staff member, opened the door and greeted Kabir with a soft and cheerful voice. She un-buckled his seat belt, held him in her arms and walked him inside to his class room. I looked back and Kabir did too, my eyes full of tears. My little boy, was now a pre-schooler; going to school by himself, where I couldn't call and check on him. I had to wait for it to be noon to pick him up and take him home.

It was a big day; a day Kabir was starting to be independent and a day I will always remember.

When it was time to pick Kabir up from school, I was waiting in the carpool line behind two other cars. I reached 10 minutes early, excited to see him and find out how his day was?

Sharp at 12:00pm, the kids were there standing in line. I could see Kabir through the glass door, standing in the large room; stretching himself, going round and round; totally carefree. I smiled to myself, feeling happy to see him that way.

Soon Kabir's teacher saw me with his name tag and brought Kabir out. Kabir and I looked at each other and smiled and then something totally unexpected happened. As he walked to the car, he didn't want to sit in the car seat. He just wouldn't sit and was crying hysterically. I hadn't seen this side of him before. I got out of the car and picked him up. Tried to console him, bribe him with his favorite videos, but nothing was working. The carpool was blocked for 15 mins, because I couldn't drive without him sitting in the car seat. I was so embarrassed and felt really guilty, but didn't know what to do.

Kabir's teacher suggested, I park the car in the parking lot and she will walk Kabir there. So, that's what I did, but Kabir still wouldn't sit in the car seat. He wanted to sit in the front. With the car parked, I sat him in the front, gave him his bottle of milk and just sat there till he finished it. Afterwards, I finally was able to convince him to sit in the car seat and we drove back home.

I guess, with toddlers come tantrums and I just was caught off-guard.

I am a now nervous of how next week and then each week after, will go after having seen this recent outburst. Something I have to wait and experience. 

Other than that, I heard from Kabir's teacher, that he had a great time in the class, he did a project, where he made a caterpillar, he made a friend named Claire and even ate his snack! :)

Happy Pre-schooling, Kabir! I am hoping for pleasant drives back home going forward. :)

Love you a whole lot!

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