Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Vir!

Vir, welcome to the world and to our lives! Here's also wishing you a very happy birthday! :)

Who knew you would be born today, it was only yesterday that my mind was rushing with thoughts like "If I would be able to take good care of two kids?", "If I'll be able to love both Kabir and you equally?", "If I'll be a good mother to you both?" and many more. That night, I slept with all this nervousness in mind and then I had a dream which suggested that your birth was coming close, but how often do dreams come true?!?

In the morning when I woke up, I started counting the number of days left from my actual due date of Dec 20th and thought with Kabir born 8 days early, you could be born anytime now too.

I got dressed to leave for my doctor's visit before heading to the training I was supposed to be in that day. As Doctor Kacedan was examining you through the ultrasound, he said the amniotic fluid is down to 7 and we should deliver the baby today. I had my mouth wide open with "WHAT?"

He said I was 2cms dilated and they would induce labor and it should go smoothly. I said I needed to talk to your Dad. He ran a stress test to check your heart beat for about 20 mins and that looked great.

After all the tests were done, I called your Dad and updated him and we decided the next course of action, which was for both of us to get home, pick up the stuff for the hospital and check-in.

We checked into the hospital around 1pm and the doctors and the nurses hooked me up with the medicines I needed and then the wait for your birth began! :)

While we were waiting, we decided that Dad would bring Nani and Kabir to the hospital, so we could all be together while we waited for you. The timing worked out perfectly. Soon after they came, the nurse examined me and said that she could feel your head and I was ready to deliver. I couldn't believe it. Dad had stepped away and I didn't know when he would be back and if he would be back before you were born? Doctor Kacedan was summoned. Luckily, Dad was back on time and you were born at 6:54 P.M. weighing 5.78 ounces and measuring 18.5 inches in height. 

You, my sweet little pea were put in my arms right after you were born and I fell in love with you right that second. All my nervousness was gone and I was just so happy to see you, to hold you and to have you with me. It was the perfect moment, the one I will always remember and cherish! I was happy from within.

I was so relived that the rash didn't get to you. (I had been taken over by Pemphigoid Gestationis, since the start of my third trimester and there was a slight chance of you getting the rash, which I had been praying for not to happen.)

There was excitement everywhere; the room was full of smiles. For Kabir, it was like he got a new toy. He loves you dearly and wants to be with you all the time! :)

Dad, Nani and Kabir, got a cake to celebrate your arrival!

Kabir was excited to cut it! :)

Since you are so tiny, you were monitored very closely. Initial tests showed some concerns with the blood sugar being low and the heart rate going down in-between to the baseline but after several repeated tests and some feedings, we saw good results and took a deep sigh of relief.

Here's praying and hoping it will all go well from here.

Happy Birthday, my love! You are absolutely precious and are a pure bundle of joy to all of us. We can't have enough of you!

Lots of blessings and a whole lot of love!


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