Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Two weeks and some Firsts!

Vir, today we've been hanging out together for two weeks! Can't believe it has been that long already, time needs to pause. :)

It's been wonderful having you. You are a very peaceful and calm child, so much so that sometimes it is hard to tell that there's a baby in the house! :)

Let's take a peek at what all you've been doing these past two weeks! You've had some exciting! :)


First Massage!

First Bath!

First time sucking two fingers together! :) LOVED IT! :)

First time in the stroller!

It was a beautiful spring like evening and we'd gone to checkout the walk of lights. K had such a great time! :)

First time with Ammi...

and getting some unmatched love! PRECIOUS and what a GREAT BLESSING! :)

First time hanging out with the Anand Family! FUN TIME and a GREAT TREAT! :)

First time sharing K's playtime

listening to his stories

and getting some super sweet K Love! PRICELESS! :)

First Christmas!

That too celebrating with Nani! A true BLESSING! :) 

Santa hauled presents for you and K even from overseas; be it India, Canada or Scotland! You boys are blessed! :)

While you and I unwrapped your presents, K was busy playing with his Legos! :)

Your firsts have been very very exciting; each one of them has brought me so much joy! 

Keep up the smiles, Sweetie, as they are to die for! 

We love you and are so blessed to have you! 

Merry Christmas! :)



Carol Meyers said...

So precious. I just love seeing these first :)

Ruchi Sabharwal said...

Thank you, Carol! :)