Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - A year in review

2013 was a year of thick and thin for me. Some highlights as I reflect on it today when it ends:
  • April: Kabir turned 2! What a great milestone! Not only did K turn 2, he became more interactive, more curious, more interested in anything and everything around him, started pre-school. He started playing with puzzles, learning and speaking new and complex words and sentences, building blocks, reading through pictures, developed a strong love for things with wheels!

  • April:  Family Reunion - It's always fun when my family gets together. This time we were together for Kabir's birthday and had a great time connecting. I look forward to our reunions and the time spent together and the memories we make are always very close to my heart.

  • April: Trip to Miami with my Mom and cousin - It was perfect weather and great company. It was also K's first time at the beach and he sure had a ball spending time in the ocean and playing with the sand!

  • June: Trip to Portland - My brother and my sister-in-law bought themselves a lovely home earlier this year. We had a chance to visit them and be part of the housewarming! We were there for a week and had a great time!

  •  June: I came over my fear of dogs; at-least slightly, thanks to Chubz, my brother's puppy!

  • July:  I switched jobs - Moved from RosettaStone to Concur Technologies.
  • September: At the onset of my third trimester, I got diagnosed with pemphigoid gestations; a rare skin condition that causes severe itching and blistering. I am still going through it and how I pray no one has to ever suffer through this disease.
  • October: Tarun made it to the front page of India's national dailies for selling his last company! What a laurel! So proud!
  • December: Delivered a healthy baby boy; Vir Evan who made me fall in love all over again! We are blessed to have Vir in our lives. Kabir is enjoying being a big brother and has taken his role very well!

As we dawn into 2014, I pray for health, happiness, wisdom, fun, adventure, new discoveries and love for my family and yours!

Happy New Year!

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