Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's been a week!

Vir, can you believe, today, it's been a week since you were born?!? How time flies! :)

Nani made halwa to celebrate this special day! Can you tell how happy we are to have you in our lives?!? :)

This is how your week looked like. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. :)

At the hospital the day after you were born.

Ready to go home! Yes, you passed the car seat challenge and all other tests and we got the discharge papers! Yay!! :)

 Welcome home! :)

My two favorite boys! LOVE the love between you two! :)

Kabir trying to amuse you with some dinosaur sounds! We are all dinosaurs in this house and he decides who is which one, it changes everyday. Some days I am the T-REX and some days Pteranodon  :) You are the small dinosaur for now. :)

Visit to your pediatrician the next day.

The day after; just chilling! My friend Upaasna came to see you!

 Today, was nice and sunny. How could I have passed on the opportunity to take some shots in the beautiful sunlight? :)

While we were at the hospital, the balloons and the flowers came as a sweet surprise from my awesome team at Concur! :)

In the evening, with the family! 

My favorite trio!

And the trio is back! :) If you look carefully, K is playing with your head! :) He wants to play with you all the time! :)

Check this out! It was a pure co-incidence and I realized it much later after I dressed you up this morning, that Kabir wore the same outfit when he was 1 week old! That's him with Ammi and you with Nani on your respective1 week birthdays! :) How cool is that and what a great co-incidence! :)

Happy 1 week birthday, Sweetie! I love you so much!

A big god bless!


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